Sunset at Thomas Halton Park

My photography group had its first photowalk back since lockdown last Sunday. We went to Thomas Halton Park in Eleebana to catch the sunset. It’s a great spot with lots of beautiful trees and some lovely views of the lake.

At first we didn’t think we’d get much of a sunset as the sky was very grey and you could see heavy rain coming across the lake. So I started out shooting detail shots with a mind to converting them to black & white later to enhance the mood.

As the sun went down though we started to get a little bit of colour and it ended up being a pretty sunset in the end as a sliver of the sky exploded with colour for ten minutes or so. Then just as we finished shooting it started bucketing down. Perfect timing!

Not a bad adventure for our first walk back since lockdown. 🙂

Photos © CJ Levinson 2021

One Scene, Three Compositions

Something I often do when shooting is look for different compositions within my shots. A lot of times I’ll find two or three additional compositions by examining the scene and asking myself which elements really interest me in it and focusing in on them more closely.

These photos are an example of that. They were all taken near Swansea Jetty yesterday evening and nothing changed between them except for the focal length (zooming in a little more each time). But despite that all three images have quite a different feel to them because of how they focus on the jetty.

The first shot is my favourite as I like the whole scene but I like the other shots too and how they act as more of a frame for the jetty. As a set I think they work quite well.

I’ll often do this while I’m shooting a sunrise or a sunset as well as it helps to tell the story of the location – for instance, I might shoot a wide shot of the landscape then zoom in tight on an interesting detail before refocusing to catch someone in silhouette. One scene, three shots.

This works best with a lens with a good range like a 24-105 but pretty much any zoom lens is suitable. It’s more about training your eye to recognise which elements you find interesting in a shot and then focusing in on them.

Maybe give it a try next time you’re out shooting, you might find you get a few different shots you really like!

Photos © CJ Levinson 2021

2022 Calendar Now Available

Newcastle and Lake Macquarie 2022 Calendar

My 2022 calendar is now available!

The calendar is A4 sized and features 12 images taken around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie during the last year.

I’m very proud of the calendar. This year has been challenging with the the way so much of our lives has changed with Covid but photography has been my constant throughout. Finding the natural beauty in my local area has helped to keep me sane and I’m very happy with how the photos have come out.

Each calendar costs $25 in Australia, including postage. I’m also happy to send overseas.

If you would like to buy one they’re available below or through my Etsy store. 🙂

Photos © CJ Levinson 2021

Macro Fun

Some macro fun from around the house. I set myself the idea of shooting at least one photo a day for seven days to keep busy while in lockdown. Happy with how they turned out.

Photos © CJ Levinson 2021