Is tennis getting boring?

Well, my predictions for the US Open were pretty good this year; Sharapova and Henin-Hardene made the final, and Federer won in 4 sets. Was surprised to see Nadal go out so early, but was glad Sharapova won; everyone talks about her looks, but she really is a great player as well, so it’s good she can remind people of that.

Just how good is Roger Federer, though? He hit 69 winners in just four sets, and only 18 unforced errors; I don’t think even Sampras did that in a final. And Federer just makes it look so easy too. Roddick played well, but he could only maintain it for so long; Federer just had to wait and he always had another gear to go to. Two gears, probably.

Federer’s getting so good it’s not funny anymore. It’s almost getting boring. For any tournament you can look at who’s playing, and if Federer’s name’s there you pretty much know who’s going to win before it starts. The only exception’s at the French, and the only person there standing between Federer and the title is Rafael Nadal. I think either somebody’s got to start challenging Federer more regularly on all surfaces (like Nadal was for awhile), or Federer’s got to win the French Open next year – otherwise people are going to lose interest very quickly.

69 winners in a final, though; I just can’t get over that. May Australia never have to play Davis Cup against you again, Roger; if we do, I think I’ll have to cry!

2 thoughts on “Is tennis getting boring?

  1. Well, it looks like Nadal has really stepped up the plate and challenged Federer. Of course, not so much at Roland Garros but Federer is still strugging in the French Open department.

  2. I wrote this in 2006 and it’s interesting how much has changed since then. Nadal has developed and done incredibly well and Federer has to rely on experience as much as talent now. Murray has improved as well.

    I was glad Federer won the French Open; hopefully he’ll win Wimbledon or the US and can get the record at last. We might see a more relaxed Federer again after that.

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