Star Wars on Trial

Just heard about this book. Looks like it’s mostly David Brin’s brainchild, but it’s an interesting idea – there’s long been a debate in science fiction over whether the influence Star Wars has had has been good for SF, so why not put Star Wars on trial and get other writers to put forth their cases, either for or against?

No surprise Brin’s involved; he’s long disliked the influence Star Wars has had and has been particularly vocal since the prequels. What I do find strange, though, is the lack of an equally notable author on the other side. I am, of course, thinking of Greg Bear. Brin is such a heavyweight in SF that anything he says is going to carry substantial weight; Strover and others simply can’t match that – not even Rusch or Metzger. Bear however is a Star Wars fan, wrote Rogue Planet, and is probably the only other writer who can hold his own against Brin. Hell, even Zahn would bear some weight! I’d be interested to know if either were asked to take part, and if not, why?

In any case, this looks interesting – going right to the top of my must read list, I think!

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