Do You Remember?


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Do You Remember?
CJ Levinson

Do you remember a time not so long ago
When everything seemed simpler
And all that mattered was how we lived?
When love and sex weren’t just a dance
And harsh words didn’t cut so deeply
And the only way we could talk to each other
Was by letter and by phone?

Do you remember when music and film
Could touch your soul
And people actually still cared?
A time with no Guantánamo Bay
And we looked at each other the same way
And books were still gateways
To a thousand worlds unknown?

Do you remember when religion
Was still something to be respected
And trust was something you had to earn?
When terrorism was just a fear
When pain and death weren’t all you’d hear
And being safe didn’t mean
Losing who you were?

Do you remember when justice
Was still fair and true
And someone could speak their mind
Without being locked away?
When the media hadn’t sold its soul
Life was more important than money or oil
And we thought we didn’t know everything?

Do you remember when
You still had the power to dream?
All you wanted was to be free

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3 thoughts on “Do You Remember?

  1. Thanks, Amanda. It was a simpler time, wasn’t it? As Martin Luther King said, freedom is one thing; you have it all or you are not free… hopefully we’ll get back there again, one day.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Chris! Even though it was written in 2006, these things still hold true.

    People have forgotten about simplicity. It’s a generation where gimmicks/gossips rule the roost. You are right about the media, too. Most of them sold their souls long time back for TRP and popularity.

    I remember a quote from an old hindi movie ‘Bawarchi’ (Cook)… “It’s so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple.” It’s such a fantastic quote. One of my favorites!

    Take care, Chris!

    Stay simple. 🙂

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