Irwin honoured at G’Day USA festival

Crocodile Hunter’s Wife Accepts Life Time Achievement Award

It was nice to see Steve Irwin honoured at the G’Day USA festival. His death was so sudden and sad, and it’s right that he be remembered for what he did best – promoting Australia and Australian values.

Am I the only one finding what’s happening with Bindi Irwin a little troubling, though? It seems like there’s a different news story about her every day in the media over here, and Channel 10 are even showing the David Letterman episode with Bindi Irwin and her mother in primetime, 7.30 pm this Thursday.

Who am I to say what’s healthy for her, but I just hope the media aren’t pushing her forward to replace her father… she’s not ready. She’s 8 and her family is still grieving. Perhaps her commitments were already in place, but surely any organiser would understand a postponement? She seems like such a mature girl, though… she’ll find her way forward, at her own pace.

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