Interpreting songs

Anyone heard “Happenin’ All Over Again” by the Young Divas? It’s been one of the big songs so far this year, a dance cover of the Lonnie Gordon song, so you probably have. It’s quite good; the Divas can sing. But there’s something about the song that’s been irritating me, how they interpret the song.

I’ve never thought of Happenin’ All Over Again as a happy song, but this version gives that impression. The four Divas belt the song out, and in the video clip they’re laughing, smiling, having fun. Maybe I’m missing something but there’s nothing in the lyric to be happy about! “Told me you’d changed/ looked in my eyes and said believe me/ then you broke my heart and deceived me/ when you said you never could leave me/ but it’s happenin all over again.” It’s like the message doesn’t matter as long as you can dance to it.

Maybe it seems like a small thing but they’re reinterpreting a song for a generation who haven’t heard it before, with a different message. I have a problem with that. And it’s happening with a lot of artists right now. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s lack of experience. Sometimes I think that’s apparent with shows like Idol. The people can sing, but often they can’t express the lyric and message of the song, can’t make the song believable. The four Divas are all ex-Idols (one even the winner in 2005). Also maybe there’s an image-thing here as well, maintaining the right look and sound. Maybe the content of the song is secondary.

Anyway, it’s just something that bugs me when I hear the song. Apart from that the song isn’t too bad, though. Guess in the end it just makes me like artists like KT Tunstall and Sarah Blasko all the more.

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