Rabbits to cure North Korea's food shortage?

North Korea Hops to Giant-Rabbit Breeding

I saw this report on Nightline on Sky News the other night, which was a much stronger report. I think it’s awful. First to breed rabbits to such unnatural sizes can’t be healthy for the rabbits (their bones?), and then to do that purely for animal husbandry? To eat them and make money? If this was genetic engineering people would be outraged. Why aren’t they now? This seems no less natural to me.

What right do we have to do this? It may help people in North Korea, but not much – they need more than just empty protein to survive. To me it’s like we’re picking and choosing which animals we choose to be our livestock and that’s awful. Don’t we already have a big enough impact on the populations of cows and sheep (not to mention the world itself)? Do we really need to add rabbits to that as well? It’s not like these are pests or vermin, or cattle bred for this; it’s forced-breeding. They’re creating a new breed, a new species of rabbit especially for it. I think that’s terrible.

Maybe there’s a German version of PETA who could intervene? I’ll have to look and find out. Maybe one voice, my voice, doesn’t count for a lot, but it’s something.

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