Chaos at Target

Surviving the Stella wars

I’m sure lots of people have a similar experience, but something I remember very clearly from when I was younger was going to K-Mart for the midnight release of the Star Wars Episode 1 merchandise. Hard to believe that was eight years ago now, but it’s something I won’t forgot. I remember how busy it was, but everyone was orderly and by the end of the night most of the merchandise had sold.

So that’s why I can’t understand what happened at Target. What I saw on the news was crazy. If a bunch of Star Wars fans could get their purchases in an orderly manner, why couldn’t people stop themselves going crazy for Stella McCartney’s collection? Sure, her clothes were selling for $200, but is that a reason to lose all control? People were clambering all over each other, lining up for hours before racing through the store… it looked chaotic.

Overall the big winner in this is Ebay, because now there’s a rush to put the clothes up for auction. I wonder how many people actually bought clothes for themselves? And it’s certainly a success as far as Target is concerned too; Target’s first collection with a real designer and it sold out in a day. But all this talk of Target being a “budget” retailer: since when? So not everyone wants to pay $300 for a shirt – when did that make us cheap?

Oh well… when they do Sportscraft or Ralph Loren or something, let me know.

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