5 reality tv shows I hope are never made

I’ve never liked reality tv to begin with, but these would be criminal… 👿

5) Survivor: Swimming with Sharks

4) Yippeekayay: The Search for the next Die Hard financier

3) Big Brother with Jerry Springer

2) Senior Citizen Idol

1) Hitman (or: How to kill your competition for $1 million)

One thought on “5 reality tv shows I hope are never made

  1. i hate survivor…
    i hate all of reality show…

    CJ: Well, as you probably guessed I’m no big fan of reality TV myself. I think Survivor is at least harmless, but something like Big Brother really troubles me, the morality in it. Anyway, I’d better save that for a post! 😉

    Thanks for the comment.

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