Sunset on Beach

CJ Levinson

Overslept again, so I got up late
Forgot the day and the time
Burnt the toast and lost my head
Somewhere in the in-between
And even in this endless night
I still remember what it was like to dream

Do you see the strange light in the sky?
Feels like time’s standing still
And it’s a strange kind of irony
That the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen
Comes only at the end
Reminds me of you

Surrounded by this silence, I try to pretend
That life has meaning and I know where to begin
But I lost all my illusions
Standing by the sea
And how can I make you understand
When it’s something I can’t even – explain?

Licenced under a Creative Commons Licence

One thought on “Explain

  1. thats some good stuff, mate
    keep it up

    CJ: Thanks for the kind words! I was trying to capture the feeling of depression, how the moment changes so quickly to despair, so hopefully I did that. I like experimenting.

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