5 SF story collections which should be in your collection

5) Best Australian Science Fiction : A Fifty Year Collection
Rob Gerrand (Editor)

4) Adventures in Time and Space
Raymond J Healy and J Francis McComas (Editors)

3) The Science Fiction Hall of Fame: Volume 1
Robert Silverberg (Editor)

2) Best of the Best: Twenty Years of the Years Best Science Fiction
Gardner Dozois (Editor)

1) Dangerous Visions
Harlan Ellsion (Editor)

One thought on “5 SF story collections which should be in your collection

  1. Back in 1970 we had just moved to a small farm about five miles out from a little town where I was about to enter a new high school. I quickly found the book rack at the drug store and there discovered Great Short Novels Of Science Fiction, edited by Robert Silverberg.
    Great tales, indeed. Giant Killer, By A. Bertram Chandler, one of his earliest and best stories. Two Dooms, by Kornbluth, a fun counterfactual. Jack Vance’s Telek, wonderfully pulpy psi-fi. Second Game by Charles V. De Vet & Katherine MacLean. a clever novel of intergalactic intrigue. Wyman Guin’s Beyond Bedlam, a story I’m of two minds about. Graveyard Heart by Roger Zelazny, the only story I never warmed to.
    Just as summer ended the family left the farm to spend the day at the state fair, held in a somewhat bigger town. We split up inside and I headed out the gate and soon found an actual used bookstore where I purchased Volume One of Anthony Boucher’s A Treasury of Great Science Fiction I walked back to the fairgrounds and sat on a bench and read for the first time Waldo, by Robert Heinlein.

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