Sunset over Randwick

Sunset Over Randwick

Took this on July 27. Something about the way the sun was setting caught my eye; so bright and vivid, almost like an aurora. I think it came out pretty well.

2 thoughts on “Sunset over Randwick

  1. I just Love this Picture!
    The colors are beautiful. What a wonderful sight that I wish I could have seen in person, as you did!

    CJ: Thanks, Deborah! It really was a beautiful sight. I’m amazed it came out so well, actually. I left the flash on, so I had to fix it manually… ah well, lesson learned. 😉

  2. CJ….I changed my site & name, but I found you again.

    Come say Hello … and I’ve added you to my Links …. is that OK?


    CJ: Thanks, Deb. I’ll pop over and check out your new site later (just been busy the last week or so). And I’ve added you to my links as well. 🙂

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