When did I become an authority on Anthony Mundine?

I’ve been inspired. I’ve been keeping an eye on Alynda’s and Simonne’s blogs over the last couple of weeks, and recently they’ve both been studying the search terms that have brought people to their blogs. Alynda calls it “Google-age” and I’m going to steal that term as I love it so much. They’ve both had some unusual and funny googleages, so I thought I’d go and have a look at some of the ones that have brought readers here as well.

It’s kind of left me scratching my head. Apparently I’ve become an authority on Anthony Mundine without knowing it. In the last week I’ve had these googleage variants: “anthony mundine” “platinum ryder anthony mundine lyrics” “Anthony Mundine culture” “anthony mundine music” “platinum ryder lyrics anthony mundine”. There were others as well the week before, so it’s been a steady stream – but I’ve only ever written one article on Anthony Mundine. You can find it here and most of the terms don’t even relate to it.

It’s strange because I don’t have a strong opinion of Mundine. I don’t like his behaviour and the way he’s mouthed off against opponents and authority much, but he’s a big donor to various charities and he won the respect of Steve Waugh, who doesn’t give it away lightly. I respect that side of him. It was one post and I didn’t even tag it properly, so it’s not something you’d expect to find its way to the top parts of the searches… and yet it has. Strange.

So there it is, I’ve become something of an authority on Anthony Mundine; just what I always wanted. 😉 Apart from that, there were a couple of others I thought I’d mention, worth a laugh.

write to someone going through rehab
lindsay lohan and reaction to allegation

Why would you want to write to Lindsay Lohan? Wait a few weeks and you can visit Nicole Richie in jail! Who knows, you might even be able to get her to eat something for once…

tennis is boring
Would I say tennis is boring? I, the world’s biggest fan of Roger Federer? No. I said there was a danger Federer was making tennis boring (this was before Nadal)… I guess that was enough.

attitude of t.a. barron regarding merlin
I thought The Lost Years of Merlin was a good book for kids who liked Harry Potter… no idea where the attitude bit came from. But what’s going on, doesn’t anyone use capitals anymore?

darren hayes david prowse
These weren’t even related posts, but somehow they came up in the search terms together. Maybe something to do with Darren Hayes being a Star Wars fan?

greg bear quantico plot spoiler
It’s a review – if you don’t want spoilers, mate, don’t read it.

“a piece of his own heart” harry potter
This could be a song. “And – he – gave – her a piece of his own heart, yeah, yeah, a piece of his own heart – so that they never would part – a piece of his own heart”

Ah, where would we be without Google? 🙂

3 thoughts on “When did I become an authority on Anthony Mundine?

  1. I’ve done these on occasion. Not with such a humorous bend though.

    Experimental Chimp does some pretty funny ones.

    CJ: Glad you enjoyed it. I try to have a good sense of humour… the tennis search pissed me off, but to each their own.

    Experimental Chimp’s are so funny. If I ever get “Tying someone up”, then I’ll be worried. But at least EC’s users use capitals! 😉

  2. LOL! Now I’m going to have to keep track of what terms people are using to find my stuff. I never really thought about some of the odd things people use. I’m so used to “crafting” searches that I forget the average user queries with “normal” (depends on how you look at it) phrases.

    I agree that the way Google chooses how pages relate to a seemingly unrelated search is odd. I’ve even gone as far as dissecting my own search results to see why Google gives them to me.

    CJ: You’re right, some of the searches are just bizarre, but they seem to work… I remember a few people found my blog by Googling the name of a term I’d invented for a story – they meant to find it, just couldn’t remember my name. So I guess I’ve got Google to thank there. 🙂

  3. Nice one! I love my Google-age, looking forward to doing it tomorrow. (I’ll be sure to come to you when I need any information on Anthony Mundine.) 😀

    CJ: Thanks, Alynda. Looking forward to tomorrow’s Google-age. You always get some weird ones, lol.

    And feel free to ask me anything about Anthony Mundine. It’s my life’s dream, don’t you know? 😉

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