5 songs to play at your funeral

A few songs people might like for funerals, or if they’re just feeling a bit down. It was inspired by a survey in Britain, which you can read about here. These aren’t the best or most traditional ones, just some I personally like. No Goodbye My Lover, for instance – that will just make you want to kill yourself as well. 😉

5) Angel
Sarah McLachlan

4) Friends Forever [graduation]
Vitamin C

3) Seasons in the Sun
Terry Jacks

2) Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
Bob Dylan

1) The Day You Went Away
Wendy Matthews

4 thoughts on “5 songs to play at your funeral

  1. Have to say I think playing “knocking on heaven’s door” at a funeral is a bit tacky.

    CJ: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door is one of my favourite songs, and it was in the British list as well, so I thought I’d include it. I just get a bit tired of always hearing the same songs, like Morning Has Broken; if that was someone’s favourite song, fine, but often they don’t speak of the person at all… but there are worse choices. And it’s individual choice, in the end. 😉

  2. Song choices are so personal, at a freinds funeral recently we all left smiling because he had chosen Monty Pyton’s ‘Bright Side of Life’ as the final piece of music – it was typical of him and made us all laugh with him, which is just what he would have wanted.

    Is it suitable for funerals – probably not in many peoples eyes, but it was what he wanted and that is what matters most. My choice will be The Blues Brothers – ‘Everybody needs somebody to love’ and I hope they dance in the aisles.

    CJ: I think the important thing is that the song says something about the person who has died; often you hear some of the saddest songs at funerals but what if you want to celebrate the person’s life as well? That’s where something like Bright Side of Life makes sense, particularly if your friend had a good sense of humour. I think I’d like to go out to Forever Young myself; that song’s always meant a lot to me.

  3. The music should reflect the true person, not just what everyone else thinks is “appropriate”. My son loved Ben Harper, I only heard of him in the months before Mike died. Waiting on an Angel and Beloved played at his funeral….it was about Mike & his music.

    CJ: Those are beautiful songs, particularly if they had an emotional connection for your son. I’m very sorry for your loss.

  4. I only know of one song I would play:
    The Flaming Lips – Do You Realize?

    It is one of the most simple, beautiful and meaningful songs I can think of. It is exactly what I want a room full of my closest friends and family to know after I am gone: to not be sad that I am gone but to look back and realize it was my life and the time I spent with them that meant something.

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