Site of the Week: DropJack


Site of the Week (25/8/07)


DropJack is a new social content site in the style of Digg; users submit and comment on a story, the number of votes it receives determining its rank on the site. DropJack is also meant to serve as an archive of articles, with the aim of eventually acting as a search engine for content from around the ‘net.

There are some nice features which make it a bit different to sites like Digg or Sphinn. DropJack is targeted at a more general cross-section of users, meaning its categories are more news-oriented and varied; you can submit stories to DropJack that you might find hard to categorise on other sites. DropJack also allows you to bookmark stories straight to other sites as well (Digg,, etc.), which comes in very handy.

My main criticism is that it’s not as easy to navigate as other sites; the menu is a little clunky and whenever I see a big header like DropJack’s, I think it should be clickable. But the bookmarking is very simple, and it’s still in its early stages. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

One thought on “Site of the Week: DropJack

  1. hey cj!
    thanks for dropjack! i am checking it out.

    and um, THANKS for blogrolling me! I didn’t notice it before today! i owe you one now! i hope it is ok with you if i blogroll you too?


    CJ: No worries, Sanjida. I was quite impressed with Dropjack, particularly for a site still in its early stages… hope you enjoy looking around.

    I’d be honoured to be on your blogroll. I should have let you know I added you; my bad. I loved your blog, though, so keep up the good work! I’ll be checking back when I have some free time. 😉

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