Site of the Week: PikiFX

Site of the Week (5/9/07)


PikiFX is a new website that allows users to edit images online. The interface is simple to use and you can upload a photo from your computer or load an image from a url. Features include the ability to resize, crop and add a variety of borders to your images, as well as embed codes for posting directly to social networking sites.

PikiFX is just one of a number of online image editors including Phixr, Picnik and SnipShot, but has some interesting differences. The design is attractive and cropping/resizing images is done with a simple drag and release, unlike other sites which adjust by pixel; PikiFX also has a good variety of borders, from basic to montage and ageing effects. Probably its strongest feature, though, is its integration with Pikistrips and PikiPimp, adding extra functionality.

Personally I find PikiFX more basic than something like Phixr; there’s no feature to curve edges, or any direct upload to Flickr or other hosts. It’s powerful but seems aimed more at the social networking crowd, creating fun effects for MySpace and Facebook. It’s also annoying how PikiFX puts a logo on your image if you embed it, but not when you download it; it means an extra step if you want to show off your image online without the watermark.

I’d recommend checking out PikiFX if you’re interested in some quick editing but don’t want to use a desktop program; its fun features and design make it worth a look.

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