Podcast of the Week: Net@Nite

Podcast of the Week (10/9/07)

Net@Nite is a weekly podcast hosted by Amber MacArthur and Leo Laporte featuring interesting links, guests and the latest news about the online world. It’s a podcast of the internet radio show which is recorded live and broadcast on video on ustream.tv each week.

Net@Nite was the first show on Laporte’s TWIT network to be broadcast live on the internet and its live nature gives it a dimension many other shows lack. It allows interviews with guests to have an extemporaneous feel and guests have included Kevin Rose (Digg), Mark Frauenfelder (Twitter, Blogger) and Steve Chen (YouTube). It also allows for a high level of interaction between the audience and the hosts, with listeners calling in to ask questions and make comments.

Net@Nite is a fun, irreverent hour and easily one of my favourite podcasts. It can be accessed via iTunes or TWIT. Highly recommended.

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