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Site of the Week (17/9/07)

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Faqqly is a social networking site with a difference. Unlike other sites which focus more on how you present yourself than getting to know other users, Faqqly is all about creating your own questions page (FAQ) that people can comment on. Set up a list of topics and other users can drop by to ask questions about anything they want – your life, interests, what you’re reading, etc. It’s a bit like the reverse of Twitter; instead of you saying what you’re doing now, other people ask you, and the subjects are much broader. You can even strike up an ongoing dialogue about various issues and topics, exploring them in great depth.

Faqqly was founded by then 20-year-old UCLA senior David Liu, whose goal was to build a collaborative website based on real life community interaction. The social dynamic is definitely the strongest part of Faqqly, but its ease of use is also impressive. Setting up your questions page is as simple as editing your profile and adding the topics you’re interested in. People ask questions by typing in the ask box, and there are hourly questions of the moment to ensure updates are frequent.

Faqqly’s main drawback is the flipside of its being a community site; the level of interaction depends on the kinds of questions people ask. Questions like what are you doing? or what movie did you see? are a good introduction but won’t lead to much of an ongoing dialogue; questions revolving around social issues or specialist knowledge are more likely to form a dialogue but aren’t the kinds of questions most people are going to ask. Like anything, the conversation is only as interesting as what the users bring to it.

Whether Faqqly will be a long-term success is difficult to know, but it’s an interesting social experiment and one that’s definitely worth checking out.

One thought on “Site of the Week: Faqqly

  1. Hmmm. I’m not generally a fan of social networks as I’m not all that….social. But, the way you present this one encourages me to at least check it out. Thanks also for the “5 free programs”. Quite useful.

    CJ: I feel like that about social networks as well. They take a big commitment and I’m more interested in what other people are saying than updating my own profile! That’s why I like Faqqly, it’s more about communicating… it’s really a cross between Twitter and Yahoo Answers, kind of an interesting take on an old theme.

    Glad you liked the free programs too. I’m always finding useful things online, so I thought I’d put a quick list together… more to come! 😉

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