The smallest of truths

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The smallest of truths
Hidden in a field of lies
Towers over all

Beauty without form
Colder than a frozen heart:
Only anger warms

A forbidden kiss
Reflected in candlelight:
My heart remembers

Memories of life
Strongest before the darkness
Fade away with dawn

A final goodbye:
A time for joy and sorrow
Time enough for love

Leaves falling to Earth
Branches reaching to Heaven:
Finally at peace

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5 thoughts on “The smallest of truths

  1. This is…

    I’m sorry, corny though it may sound, I’m at a loss to describe it. In an extremely positive way, of course! Wonderful, maybe?

    What inspired this?

    CJ: Hey B0bbyG, I’m glad you liked it, and I don’t think that’s corny at all! If something I’ve written can move someone in a way they can’t quite describe, that’s the biggest compliment I can get. 😉

    There wasn’t really anything that inspired it; I’ve just been thinking about death recently, what it would be like to know your time is nearing and to be able to say goodbye… sad, but I’d think there’d be some peace, and beauty, as well. Then I found that picture, and I knew what I wanted to write. Thanks for the comment; I really appreciate it.

  2. Nice poem, just love it! Life is eternity!..

    CJ: Thank you, CV! And that’s a beautiful sentiment; life is indeed eternal, and for me that’s true while I hold on to it with my every breath, and cherish every memory in my heart.

  3. I must admit that the first time I read it I didn’t realise it was about death. I did become melancholy about saying goodbye, and about change.

    Then, on a second reading, I was convinced death has its own beauty, even combined with poignant longing.

    CJ: I agree, I believe death does have it’s own beauty, if it’s accepted and natural, and we can make our peace. It’s the fear of death in Western society that seems unnatural to me; it’s a part of life, and a time of sorrow, but of remembrance as well, and I find beauty in that.

    It was the longing, and the remembrance, I wanted to convey as well, so I’m glad you could take several different things from it, Muse; that’s a great compliment, and it means so much to me. Thank you.

  4. @cjwriter
    It was exactly a year ago today that I said my last goodbye to my beloved horses. They were old (32 years). They were sick and suffering and keeping them alive would have been the easier and more cruel choice to make. Throughout these last 3 weeks I have been grieving and when I read this poem I was deeply moved, so much so, that all I could say in my comment was a single word.

    You are, without doubt, a very talented writer and I thank you for sharing.

    Namste {she bows}

    CJ: I’m so sorry to hear that, TT; I can only imagine what that connection, and loss, must have been like for you. But I’m humbled to think that my poem could reach out to you; that’s more than I ever could have imagined. Thank you for sharing that. Peace to you, always.

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