Do You Have an Addictive Personality?

Your Personality is 59% Addictive


You may have an addictive personality, but you have it mostly under check. Just don’t start any new bad habits, okay?

Do You Have an Addictive Personality?

Haven’t had time for the post I’d planned today; I’ve got my writing group tomorrow, so I’ve been busy preparing for that. It’s probably going to be the last meeting, but at least I’ll have some of my time back afterwards. 😉

So I found a couple of fun quizzes to post today instead. The first one goes along with my post on luck and gambling. It’s pretty much what I expected; my personality isn’t too addictive, but I can get carried away sometimes…

The second one is a lot of fun: The Simpsons Personality Test! Which Simpsons character are you most like? I think Mr. Burns suits me. I’ve always wanted to release the hounds. 😛

You Are Mr. Burns

Okay, so you’re evil… You have big plans to rule the world, and you’ll destroy it in the process if necessary!
You will be remembered for: the exploitation of the masses.

Life philosophy: “One dollar for eternal happiness? I’d be happier with the dollar.”

The Simpsons Personality Test

8 thoughts on “Do You Have an Addictive Personality?

  1. Well, I do not have an addictive personality (29%) but I am Bart Simpson!
    I was about to disagree, until I read the first line of the description: “Very misunderstood, most people just dismiss you as “trouble”.”

    Well, what can I say…

    CJ: Heh, Bart’s not a bad match for you, Stone! He’s probably my favourite character (or tied with Lisa) and his keeping people honest and not kowtowing to authority could be a little like you. Maybe Bart’s the child in all of us? 😉

  2. 42%. for a moment i thought the quiz is asking if my personality is addictive to other people, not the extent of how addictive i can be to things, haha.

    anyway, i think i’m more addictive than my results say. right now i’m struggling with getting over some things!

    what’s a writing group?

    CJ: I didn’t think of that, lol. It is a bit ambiguous… 42% is good, though. That’s a lot less than I got (although I think mine is chocolate). I think it suits you, FWIW. You seem pretty in-control to me. 😉

    A writing group is just a group of writers who share critique and talk about writing. My group‘s been going for about six months but it’s never really got going… I’ve postponed it until the new year, so we’ll see what happens after that.

  3. Oh dear, I’ve got a 71% addictive personality. That’s quite bad..

    Apparently I am also Homer Simpson. Today really isn’t a good day!

    CJ: Wow, 71% doesn’t seem like you at all… unless they mean gaming? Remind me never to face you on Halo, Cat, you’d slaughter me! 🙂

    And Homer isn’t that bad! Perhaps he’s a little bumbling, but he has a good heart. Look at it this way – it could have been Barney Gumble. 😛

  4. ***Your Personality is 52% Addictive***

    You may have an addictive personality, but you have it mostly under check.
    Just don’t start any new bad habits, okay?

    The addictive test is pretty acurate, I must say but I am a Homer, Ouin! No, way!

    CJ: Sounds like we got the same result for the first quiz, CV! But Homer? That’s not you at all. I’d have thought Lisa would be a good match. 😉

    Sorry this went to moderation, by the way. Looks like Akismet’s playing up again. 😯

  5. I am 30% addictive, which sounds about right, but I particularly like the description: I can indulge in vices freely, and there’s little chance I’ll get hooked!
    Whoo boy, vice here I come!! 😉
    I will not tell you my Simpson’s character. I don’t watch the show, and I don’t know who this {person} is, but apparently I like beer more than anything, including people! Now, I’ll enjoy a nice lager now and then, but…

    CJ: Woohoo, 30% – party time, eh Muse? 😉 So if 30% means you have little chance of getting hooked, I wonder what anything under 10% is? Then again, I doubt anyone could get under 10%! 🙂

    I could take a guess at who that character is, but truthfully there are quite a few characters who like beer in the Simpsons! Doesn’t sound much like you, though. Lisa plays the saxophone – maybe she’d be the closest, though it’s not the recorder. 🙂

  6. My result was the same as musededitions – 30%
    I don’t watch the Simpsons.
    I don’t know who the character is.
    And I hate, loathe and despise beer.

    CJ: Thanks for taking it, TT. Somehow I thought you and Muse might get the same result. 😉

    I don’t drink myself, and I don’t smoke or anything either, so I’m no fan of beer and what it does to people. But I like the way The Simpsons uses it to show the characters’ flaws. The Simpsons is such a part of the culture now that you really can’t escape it, for good or ill. 🙂

  7. What is vice, anyway? tt, did you take the Simpson’s test? Maybe you wouldn’t get the beer guy. I think cj’s wrong, one can escape the Simpsons. (Perhaps he’ll forgive me for talking about him on his own blog as if he wasn’t in the room!) Seriously, I don’t know who these characters are. Do you hate beer because it’s alcoholic? Or because of the taste? I never liked it until I visited Germany, and learned that what we have in the US is…not worth describing. But, is it at all necessary to my health & happiness–nah! That’s why I was surprised I got that beer/Simpson fellow I’ve never heard of! Particularly since I’m supposed to be non-addictive!
    What gives here, cj? I don’t exactly see you as your stated Simpson person, either 🙂 Perhaps you really are very evil, and you just cover it well. 😉

    CJ: Wow, so you’ve really been able to avoid all things Simpsons, Muse? I think that would have to be a first. Some of my friends didn’t watch it for a long time but even they were absorbing it as it entered the culture. So if I said “D’oh” you wouldn’t know who that comes from?

    And the reason I was happy with Mr. Burns is he’s one of my favourite characters. I’m not that much like him, but he has the best lines. I mean, what good is money if it can’t inspire terror in your fellow man? 😀

  8. Ah, that explains it. A worthy philosophy (about money) indeed! 🙂 I will admit to to knowing that at least ONE of the charachters utters that expression “D’oh” (don’t know which one), and have HEARD the names “Bart”, “Homer” and “Lisa”–after all one does see the promos at times, but I will confess that during all the 432 years it’s been on television, I’ve never watched an entire episode. I have no particular animosity towards it–it just didn’t catch my attention. But, very entertaining journey, thanks. I’ll leave you to spend your piles of money and strike terror in the hearts of fellow bloggers!

    CJ: It does feel like The Simpsons has been around forever, doesn’t it? It just won’t die! 😉 It’s actually been around long enough to cover three generations; I’ve been watching it since I was 7, my parents like it, and someone just a bit older than me could have children old enough to watch it… sheesh, now I feel old!

    It’s Homer who says “D’oh”, btw, if you were wondering. It’s even part of the Oxford English Dictionary now: “colloq. expressing frustration at the realization that things have turned out badly or not as planned”. I wonder if the writers ever imagined becoming part of the public lexicon? 😛

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