The Garden’s End

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The Garden’s End
CJ Levinson

Unlock the chains around your heart
Let me find a way inside
Let me see where your thoughts begin
And where your hopes and dreams die
Everything you wanted means nothing now
No one noticed you but me
I’ll dream of you · tonight

If I could raise the dead with words
And see through your lonely eyes
Find you again at the garden’s end
Would you still occupy my mind?
Cast out from everything you know
There is nowhere you’d rather be
I’ll weep for you · tonight

Once I dreamt of another world
Of the sun and moon and stars
Walking beside you, I was a better man
But all dreams fade with time
And this place could never have been our home

Do you lie awake next to him
Surrounded by your sorrows in the night?
No one wanted this after so many years
But your heart knows it’s the only way
It’s too late to start again
And too hard to say goodbye

If I could hold you now
Look upon your face
There’s so much I would say
My heart goes with you · tonight

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5 thoughts on “The Garden’s End

  1. Waaaah! (That’s me, weeping). You have a way of uniting that within each of us that has experienced heart-brokenness, yet keeping the sentiment uniquely your own.
    Very beautiful, evocative, devastating.

    CJ: Thanks, Muse. That means a lot to me; I was trying to give it a feeling that anyone could relate to, not just my own experience, so I’m glad you found that.

    When I was writing it, I was thinking about a friend who had died, and it’s as much about death as longing… I think that’s the magic of words, that they can reach out and touch people in different ways.

    Thank you for your kind words, as always.

  2. Sadly beautiful, CJ…There is a very nice flow into it.. It seems like a feeling that has never been consumed and/or impossible to fulfill….But, ur words at Garden’s End are like a dream…Très beau!!!

    CJ: I’m glad you like the flow, CV. When I started writing this I was planning for it to be a song, but thought it would make a better poem… a lot of the flow comes from that.

    Interesting that you picked up on the feeling too… you’re right, it’s an unfulfilled memory, a feeling I’ll probably always have. That’s what the line about the garden’s end means to me, the dream of another life.

    Thanks for your thoughts, CV, and the compliment.

  3. Interesting, CJ, about u saying that u were planning it to be a song because what I meant by enjoying the flow, swear to God, was that ur poem was flowing like a nice, sweet song and/or a waltz…

    CJ: That’s interesting that it felt like a waltz, CV, because that’s kind of how I imagined it as well; like two lovers sharing one last dance, the thoughts going through their minds… I’m glad that feeling’s still there.

    My poetry tends to be quite lyrical, so I often play with the idea of writing more songs… but I’m not as comfortable with the structure, so it ends up being poetry anyway. If this was a song, it’d probably sound something like Coldplay’s The Scientist… that’s the kind of feel I’d want it to have.

  4. I’m feeling sad now, but it’s such a beautiful poem. I love the structure, and it has an almost songlike feel to it.

    A very, very moving poem. I’m in awe.

    CJ: Thanks, Bobby. I felt sad writing it too but I think even loss and longing have their own beauty, which was what I was trying to capture with the poem. My poetry always seems quite lyrical, which is funny as I don’t feel as comfortable with songwriting… it’s something I’ll have to try more of.

    Thanks for your thoughts; I’m glad you liked it.

  5. Do you lie awake next to him
    Surrounded by your sorrows in the night?
    No one wanted this after so many years
    But your heart knows it’s the only way
    It’s too late to start again
    And too hard to say goodbye

    Bahwahaaaa … your poem was so beautiful and evocative that it led me to weep.

    CJ: Thank you, brightfeather. I’m so grateful to know it touched you that much. It’s a wonderful compliment. And that’s the stanza I like the most, I think… it says so much in so few words.

    Thank you for the kind words.

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