A blogday mystery

Does anyone else have a problem remembering dates? I always used to have a good memory but for some reason recently I’ve just been going blank. I forgot a couple of birthdays last year, was late for several appointments I shouldn’t have forgotten, and the last few weeks have got into the bad habit of using the wrong date when I sign my signature.

But this has to beat all of them. My blog turned one a few days ago – and I completely forgot! I see the date every time I look at my profile but I couldn’t remember. Maybe I should start doing more crosswords or sudoku or something. My poor blog deserves better.

The only reason I remembered at all was because I’ve had a bit of a mystery to solve over the last few days. I’ve been seeing a notification that my domain mapping is about to expire as it’s been a year and I went to purchase the credits for the upgrade again… only there were already 10 credits in my account. For a moment I thought I’d forgotten buying them but I know I didn’t; I went back through my PayPal receipts and the last time I bought anything on WordPress was in November and that was for another domain.

So where did the credits come from? I’m still not sure. I thought it might have been a gift but wouldn’t I get an email about it? Or perhaps it was a glitch and some of my old credits reappeared? That could happen but to cover the exact amount for the domain mapping? The only thing I can think of is that perhaps staff did it, but that doesn’t make much sense either… anyone else have any ideas? There might be something simple I’m missing.

Anyway, the mystery made me realise it’s been a year since I started this blog, so Happy Blogday! We need music. Where’s Madonna’s Holiday? I know it’s on my iPod somewhere… 😉 It really doesn’t feel like a year; the community around WP is wonderful and the time’s gone so quickly. If anyone’s interested in the stats, so far the blog’s had 10,854 views, with 145 posts, 401 comments and 3,333 spam. My most viewed post is this one; this is my favourite.

The blog’s changed a lot since it started; originally it was a mix of a portfolio and a column, but now it’s really a window to my thoughts on life and society… there’s more of myself in it now and I never imagined receiving such wonderful feedback, meeting so many interesting people. So here’s to the next year! Let’s hope it’s even better than the first. 🙂

8 thoughts on “A blogday mystery

  1. oooh, happy birthday to the little blog! nice blog! *pats blog* your blog did much better than mine on its first year. i think it’s those crazy rants and self-absorbed posts that turned people away. 😛

    i think it’s a glitch if you can’t find anything that explains the 10 credits… but let us know what happens? you can’t just leave a mystery unsolved for us nosy parkers. :mrgreen:

    CJ: Thanks, sulz. It’s still funny to think it’s been a year but I’m proud of the way the blog’s evolved… I doubt it was the crazy rants, btw, probably more that WP didn’t have avatars for awhile; now one look at your avatar and we all want to see your blog! 🙂

    A glitch probably makes the most sense. I’ll send an email to staff about it later and let you know if I hear anything back. If they don’t know, do you think Sherlock Holmes is available?

  2. Happy blogday!

    I have been out of commish the past few. Not feeling well. I am reading, not blogging! We are in for some cold weather here. -35 below wind-chill and -15 – -20 at night. Talk about cabin fever!

    CJ: Thanks, Lynn! The weather sounds nasty; it’s been pretty hot here but raining, so I can relate to the cabin fever. Sounds like a good chance to catch up on some reading. Or the tennis. 😉

  3. CJ, happy blogday a few days late. I’ll make a toast to you and your blog tonight.

    CJ: Thanks, Richard. I still can’t believe I forgot it! Thanks for the good wishes.

  4. Congratulations CJ on your blog anniversary. You have accomplished amazing things in one year and have built some wonderful relationships. And all while helping on the forums!
    I stand in awe of your accomplishments and your patience, which you certainly needed when you undertook the immense task of introducing me to the blogosphere. Thanks CJ.

    CJ: Thanks, MQ. The community around WordPress is its biggest strength and it’s been a pleasure helping alongside the other volunteers. The last year’s been a lot of fun.

    And it’s been fun helping you get set up blogging. My hair hasn’t gone grey yet. 😉

  5. Congrats on your blogging anniversary CJ! I am sure your blog will only get better this year. Good luck.

    CJ: Thanks, Bharat! It’s been a fun year and I’m looking forward to the next one. Look forward to seeing more of your blog too.

  6. Happy blogday! CJ and I am pretty sure that this year will be as good as the first one…

    Like to read ur posts, always…

    CJ: Thanks, CV! Here’s hoping it will be. Unfortunately I’m going through a bit of blogger’s block at the moment, so just need some good topics. 😉

    Love reading your blog and poetry too.

  7. {sings} happy blog day to you, happy blog day to you, happy blog day dear cj, happy blog day to you! I really was singing. You’ll have to take my word for it. Having a consistently high-quality blog for a whole year is a big accomplishment & I have great admiration and respect for what you have achieved.
    As for the mystery…I think you have a secret admirer at WordPress! Oooooh! Take advantage while you can. Did you renew yet?

    CJ: Thanks, Muse! I can’t remember the last time I was sung to… I can just imagine you sitting in front of your 9 year old laptop, playing the lyre and singing. I think I can almost hear it. 😉

    Well, really it’s only been the last 6 months that I’ve been blogging regularly, but I appreciate the kind words. Now I just have to keep blogging and find some new ideas.

    A secret admirer? Maybe, but I’d love one offline too! 😀 I did renew, but if it was a glitch then I owe WordPress $10… so I’d better get that email sent to staff on Monday.

  8. Hey CJ!
    Happy blogaversary! Can you hear the tuba I’m playing in your honor? Blogging really is wonderful, isn’t it? What did we do before? Here’s to another wonderful year 😉

    CJ: Thanks, WC! You know, I think I can hear the tuba. You play it well. 😉

    I still can’t believe it’s been a year; it’s gone so quickly. I’m not sure what we used to do before… write letters by candlelight?

    Here’s to another year – and to you finding that job and the agent who’ll make you famous! 😀

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