10 things I’d do with 10 million dollars

Why is it that some people are luckier than others? Do they just have a knack for being in the right place at the right time? Or is being lucky something you learn, knowing when to take chances and when to hold back?

Sometimes I’m lucky but most of the time I think we make our own luck… but then there’s a story like this one, where someone won $10 million playing Oz Lotto. They live in a town of just 4,000 people and the ticket was bought from the local news agency where another ticket won $100,000 just weeks earlier. That’s some run of luck!

Of course that’s great for them, but it’s made me wonder what I’d do if that ever happened to me (I can dream). The first thing I’d do is go crazy, but $10 million is a lot of money, enough to change my life and others… this is what I’d try to do with it.

  • Buy a house
    That’s the first thing I’d do. Just a small house, maybe three bedrooms, somewhere in Sydney but away from the crowds and noise. Plus some furnishings and a new TV.
    • Investments
      Next I’d pay off family debts and make sure we all had enough savings to live off comfortably. I’d give some money to friends and invest in a property for my parents to live in as well.
      • Self-publish
        I’d also put some money aside for when I wanted to send my work away. If it was repeatedly knocked back then at least I’d have the option to self-publish.
        • Donations
          I’d give 15% to charities and look at starting a scholarship fund for disadvantaged children; the interest alone could pay for several scholarships each year.
          • Pay it forward
            For this I’d draw up a contract, then find 3 people and give them $500,000 each to start a small business. They could keep the profits, but once they’d made $1 million they’d give $500,000 to help someone else. Hopefully it would keep being paid forward to help new people.
            • Start a bookshop
              This is something I’ve always wanted to do, start a secondhand bookshop somewhere in Sydney, with a small coffee shop and weekly poetry readings… it’d be a nice business to keep in family hands. How’s New Leaf Books sound?
              • Travel
                First I’d take my family on a vacation and then put some aside to see more of the world later on. Hopefully I’d get to see Egypt and more of Europe… and Wimbledon, of course.
                • Copyrights
                  This idea I’ve liked since I heard Jimmy Wales from Wikipedia mention it. I’d look at some of the old copyrighted works which are still under licence (texts, music) and buy them out to release into the community. Realistically a few million dollars wouldn’t buy much but it might help to raise awareness for Project Gutenberg and similar projects.
                  • Music
                    Another thing I’ve always wanted to do is to learn to play the guitar and piano. I’d set up an area where someone could teach me without bothering anyone else. I’d also buy all the CDs I’ve wanted over the years.
                    • Rainforest preservation
                      Finally I’d purchase several acres of land for habitat preservation and do more to support The Rainforest Conservation Fund and the World Wildlife Fund.

                    So that’s my list. I wonder what you’d do with $10 million? 😉

                    10 thoughts on “10 things I’d do with 10 million dollars

                    1. I would not tell a soul that I found myself into a handsome lot of money. I would buy land. I love my modest house so probably have another build just like it on wooded land that has water, wind and could sustain life off the grid. but of course it would have a huge art studio.

                      I would buy some stable business for my family to operate…….. Coming from German blood we believe that work is close to godliness 🙂 …maybe provide after school jobs to kids of single parents.

                      I would build a wing on hospital or a park then name it after myself.. how is that for a healthy ego? hahaha.

                      I have a thing for single mothers, who must work and raise children alone, so I would make some sort of community living environment with artwork and luscious surroundings, pay for their clothes, food, monthly massage and require a standard of education or training for occupation to make a life for their family. But, they have to pay it forward in some small way, too.

                      Then, I would travel to the ends of the earth seeing and experiencing all the worlds textiles– how they are developed and utilized.

                      CJ: Great list, Deb. I can’t believe I forgot the hospitals! I might do it anonymously but that would be a great use for the money, either building a wing or buying equipment; they certainly need it. And the house and land sounds lovely… somewhere on its own, near the water and surrounded by trees for inspiration… sounds like bliss. 😉

                      Interesting idea for the community environment as well. I could see that working very well; if people feel like they have security and are safe, they would be more likely to break the cycle and make a life for themselves. Education would be its own way of paying it forward as well, as their training would benefit others.

                      Learning about textiles sounds amazing too. Part of the reason I’d love to see Egypt and Europe is to trace the origins of some of my favourite myths and stories… that would be my pilgrimage. Ah well, maybe it’ll be real one day. 🙂

                    2. cj, if you’re not the nicest person in the world, I don’t know who is. Your list is commendable. I think I saw in the teeny-tiny type at the end of your list that you’d treat all your blog friends to a cruise to Australia. 🙂
                      I’d love to see you at New Leaf Books!
                      You’ve inspired me to do a list–I think I owe you a couple of lists by now. What an uplifting post. Made me smile. 😀

                      CJ: Wow, what a lovely compliment! Thanks, Muse. I’m so glad you liked the list. I actually thought it might seem a little narcissistic so that means a lot to me. And a cruise it is! We’ll have a big party and see all the sights! They don’t call me CJ and the City for nothing. 😀

                      One day I really would love to have a bookshop like that, a small bookshop with a personal touch… I love books and couldn’t think of doing anything better to make a living. We can all dream, eh? 😉 Look forward to seeing your list if you have a chance. I’m sure yours will be just as uplifting. 🙂

                    3. I would love to say that I would be charitable, but I don’t know what I would do. Thinking about it, I would probably invest some of the money and live off the profits and then use the rest of the money I won to help educate those who have a thirst for knowledge. There are way too many kids in America that go to crappy schools and don’t have the money for college. Ahhhh, to dream.

                      CJ: That’s pretty much what I’d do as well. The interest would be more than enough to live off comfortably, and you could still do a lot of good as well. Investing in property’s not a bad idea either… you’re protecting the money and providing a home for family or friends.

                      That sounds like a great idea to help people go to college. It’s so expensive these days and you’re really falling behind if you don’t continue your education. I’d love to see more grants for artists and writers so they could develop their skills as well… in the end there are so many things someone could do, it’s impossible to list them all. But it’s fun to dream. 🙂

                    4. C.J….Ur list is very good…I did post to similar subject in another blog..So, there are a few of mine if I would win a lot of money..

                      1) I would set up a foundation for orphan causes
                      2) Invest in real estate, have a place to stay somewhere in Europe and in Canada, of course
                      3) Do something for the animals
                      4) Help artists make a living thru their arts
                      5) I would go on a cruise ship for spiritual purposes..
                      6) Go travel to places I have never been to… like Australia
                      7) Having a sense of plenitude as not to worry about money at all for the rest of my life….
                      8) And Paying Forward I think is a good idea as the abundance is spread and make a lot of happy people :):):)

                      CJ: Thanks, CV! It was a fun list but there were so many things that I found it quite hard to choose at first; it’s funny, the things you think are important to you but really aren’t.

                      I enjoyed your list too. Particularly liked #4; that’s something I’d love to do, maybe through a grant system… a lot of people don’t realise how difficult it is when you’re unknown. Loved #6 as well; you’ll love Australia if you make it here one day. 😉

                      And you’re so right about making people happy… winning the lottery isn’t going to make someone happy, but being able to help would change so many lives… that’s the kind of happiness I’d love to see more of in the world.

                    5. I think you would do a lot of nice things with the money.
                      I know I would pay off bills, set up college funds for my children. Provide for my parents and siblings.
                      Start two foundations that I have been dreaming of.
                      I could go on and on, but right now they are my top choices.

                      CJ: Thanks, Maribeth! If I were lucky enough to come into money, I’d definitely want to give some back… hopefully it’d do some good.

                      The foundations sound like a great idea. That way once the initial money is gone, they can still help and continue the work. I often think about where donated money goes and I’d want to make sure none of it is misspent; a foundation for distributing to causes might be a good idea too.

                      After all this, maybe I should buy a lottery ticket next week… who knows, one day it might come true. 🙂

                    6. I love your list! It’s exactly the same as mine, but the music would be higher up and I would put out my own album (I’m under classical music training. 3 years and still at it).

                      It’s a very admirable and idealistic list. It’s brilliant.

                      CJ: Hi Nabiha, I’m so glad you liked the list. It was tricky to write but very rewarding. I didn’t intend it to seem like they were charitable things, but I’m happy how it’s turned out… of course it’s easier saying that when you don’t have the money, but I think I’d stay true to it anyway. 😉

                      Putting out your own album would be great, and particularly with the way the industry has changed now, you could reach so many people with it… here’s hoping you’ll get there; and for now there’s always the music, eh? Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

                    7. i am rich… i am the single parent…i am the parent that knows where your kids are, cause i stay with them when you have something more important to do than watch them at practice,
                      or make those silly arts projects with the scouts.
                      i am the parent that homeskooled (YES A JOKE) three kids, got two in college the other still a work in progress. boy oh boy, could/ have used help…

                      so the money to help single mothers, who must work and raise children alone, make community living environment with artwork and luscious surroundings, and require a standard of education or training for occupation to make a life for their family. But, they have to pay it forward in some small way, too. oh by far is my favorite.

                      keep the massage(i speak for me only, of course) and the clothes..
                      just a community of paying it forward would be nice.. ten million sounds like a foundation

                    8. 1.I wouldnt tell anyone apart from my parents about the money.
                      2. I would sent myself to a private music school.
                      3. I would go a guitar shop and just Buy Any guitar i think is good.
                      4. I would but the best biggest Mesa Boogie, Line 6, Marshall and Peavey amp they have.
                      5. I would give 4 million to my parents, for us to get a better house/pay of debts.
                      6. I would Build a Mini-Studio place in my back Garden, Sound-Proof. So that i could play all my instruments, without disturbence.
                      7. I would Buy a private Guitar tutor.
                      8 I would secure myself a place in a musical university.
                      9. I would fullfil a life long dream, of meeting, greeting, and beating, Dave Mustaine on guitar. ( ofcourse after a Decade of learning guitar.)
                      10. I would, Live a life of, Un-Deserved pleasure.

                      If i had, 10 million Dollars, thats what i would do.
                      Sadly, My dreams, are only imagination, gone far far too wild.
                      Damn. Damn. Damn.
                      Damn. you. $10,000,000.

                      You see. i have a dream of becoming a Respected guitarist. not the best. just rememberd.

                    9. 1. Say thank you Lord for this blessing
                      2. Buy a small but comfortable house for me and my children.
                      3. Get a new car
                      4. Give my family enough money to be comfortable and happy.
                      5. Buy into my boss business to make some profit
                      6. Invest/Leave in bank
                      7. Give to charitly and also 10% of what I have back to GOD.
                      8. Pay my debt.
                      9. Let my kids gets something that I said no to before, because i could not afford it.
                      I have a lot of things that i could do. I dream all the time about having enough money to help me and my familty. My day will soon come.

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