5 things about me

I like memes. I know some people don’t but I think a good meme can say a lot about a person without revealing too much. So thanks to Sulz and Ella for tagging me for this one. Looks like fun. 😉

5 things found in your bag (I’ll use my messenger bag)

  • Sunglasses
  • iPod and headphones
  • Notepad and pen
  • Latest book I’m reading (The Road by Cormac McCarthy)
  • Chewing gum (or mints)

5 favourite things in your room

  • Bookcases & books
    I had these custom made a few years ago; the carpenters loved them so much they’re using the design. Should I get a commission? 😉
  • LCD TV
    I bought this when my insomnia started so I could watch DVDs. I love it; it’s a Panasonic 26″ and it’s like having my own home cinema.

  • Writing desk
    I found this secondhand and grabbed it; it’s a rolltop desk, something I’ve always wanted. It’s where I do all my writing; poetry, letters, blog posts… isn’t it a beautiful colour?

  • Statues & figures
    I love old myths and I’ve been collecting these statues for a few years. These Egyptian ones are made from cold cast resin; the detail is stunning. I also have a collection of pewter statues.

  • King Arthur Tapestry
    This is my favourite piece. It’s based on a William Morris tapestry; the knights have left their shields in the woods, searching for the unicorn.

5 things you have always wanted to do

  • Open a bookshop
    This is something I’d love to do, open a secondhand bookshop with a cafe and author readings… books are what I know best, so I couldn’t think of a better way to make a living. CJ’s Classics sounds good, eh? 😉
  • Have a novel published
    This is an obvious one. I haven’t written anything that I’d send away yet, but maybe it’ll happen. I’m very happy with Sleepless and The Galleon; they’re very different to anything I’ve written before.
  • Finish Atlas Shrugged
    I tried reading Rand’s novel in school but couldn’t finish it. It’s something I really should read, so I’ll have to have another go.
  • See more of the world
    I haven’t travelled much beyond Europe. I’d love to see the US and Egypt, especially the Pyramids… I’d love to see Wimbledon live as well.
  • Think of the perfect comeback
    You know when someone insults you and you wish you had the perfect retort? I always think of it later; just once I’d love to say it right back.

5 things you are currently into

  • Cut Copy
    Cut Copy are like a cross between INXS, The Bee Gees and Daft Punk. It sounds odd but they’re actually very good. Their new album is excellent.
  • Indiana Jones
    I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers for Indy 4 for months and I loved the trailer. Don’t know if it’ll be like the others but it looks like fun!
  • Tetris
    I loved Tetris when I was younger and I’ve been playing it again for the last few weeks. Now I’m addicted. It’s so simple but a lot of fun.
  • Audiobooks
    I’ve liked audiobooks for years but I’ve really got into them recently. I just bought Steve Martin’s The Pleasure of My Company and it’s narrated by Martin as well, which is an added bonus.
  • Natalie Portman
    Because she’s Natalie Portman. Do I need another reason? 🙂

5 people you want to tag
And if you don’t feel like taking part, that’s fine. No pressure.

13 thoughts on “5 things about me

  1. Thanks for playing along! Interesting choices and I want everything in your room. 🙂

    ps – The Road was one of the most depressing books I ever tried to finish. Failed.

    CJ: Thanks for the tag! It was fun. And I love everything in my room. It’s almost how I want it now… just need a comfy chair. 🙂

    I know what you mean about The Road… this is my second turn reading it. The first time overwhelmed me and I stopped. It’s brilliantly written but it’s one of the most emotionally exhausting novels I’ve ever read.

  2. I love your room CJ! You have great taste.
    Oh, a bookshop would be lovely. I’ll have to check out Cut Copy. I loved the BeeGees and INXS. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    CJ: Thanks, TBD! My room’s very different to how it used to look. I’ve been collecting for years to make it more adult. I think it’s almost there. 😉

    I’ve been very impressed with Cut Copy. If you want to check them out they’re on MySpace; Lights & Music is great. They not for everyone, though, so it might give you a headache. 🙂

  3. your room doesn’t look like a room, where’s the bed? 😛 seriously, it doesn’t look like one; for one, it’s too neat! and yes, that’s a lovely writing desk, i’d love a rolltop too, except that i hate to write – i much rather type! how many hours of sleep do you get on average with insomnia? and if cj’s classics ever open up, i will definitely visit it! can i get a store discount? :mrgreen:

    CJ: I don’t have a bed! I don’t sleep, so I don’t need one. 🙂 No, I just pushed it out of the way so it didn’t get in the shots. I usually get about 2 – 3 hours sleep a night, sometimes more, sometimes less… I’m often exhausted, though, so I can’t do as much as I’d like to.

    And I am a neat freak but my room’s not normally as tidy as that; I usually have more books and papers spread out. It’s taken me a few years to collect everything; I wanted it to feel like a bedsitter until I could get my own.

    Look forward to seeing you at the shop! We’ll work out the discount – if you’re flying to Aus, the least we can do is help you with a few books. 😉

  4. You included pictures! These are wonderful pictures!
    bag: ah, gotcher notebook for those away-from-office ideas, nice!
    room: everything there is so very nice! Your bookcases are beautiful. If you designed these, I think you have a backup career path. (Don’t stop writing, though.) (Not that you would…) I like your desk, too. I was just looking at a rolltop, but my Cape Cod style will do for now. Your statuary and tapestry are amazing. Nefertiti and Unicorn in the same space, oh my!
    always wanted: book published, and bookshop—of course. We may want these for you almost as much as you want them yourself. (And sulz, I want in on that blogger’s discount. 🙂 ) If you do finish Atlas Shrugged, would you please do a one-paragraph synopsis for the rest of us? 😉 I was just involved in a discussion of objectivism in a philosophy group.
    into: Tetris, huh? I used to like it too. Now I may have to find out if I still do. As for Ms. Portman, well, indeed…

    CJ: Glad you liked them, Muse! It was actually sulz who gave me the idea. I loved the post she did walking us through her room and when she tagged me I thought it would be different. The photos took longer than the post.

    I’ve started to make sure I keep a notepad with me; I got tired of writing on my arm. And I’m glad you liked the bookcases. They are indeed my design; I even designed a desk to go with them, before I found the rolltop. In another life I’d have been quite interested in being an interior designer.

    I’ll do something on Atlas Shrugged at some stage; objectivism is an interesting topic. I’ll have to reread Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil after that as well. I know, glutton for punishment. 😉 I wonder how you went with Tetris? I’m still addicted but I’ll trade it for TGTTPOACS for a while.

    And I like that, a blogger’s discount! I think we can make that work; just need to keep it quiet… perhaps I could sell my own books! Actually, that might not be a good idea… I’d be upset when they’re left on the shelves. 🙂

  5. Do you like The Road, CJ? I love it… My partner brought it home from the library originally, sat down and read it in one sitting, then I got hold of it and read it in one sitting… then we fought over who got to read it a second time. It is very freaky!

    CJ: I’m not really sure if I like it, Kara. I think it’s brilliant and probably the best novel of the last thirty years… but it’s also one of the most difficult and exhausting novels I have ever read. I certainly couldn’t read it in one sitting!

    It might not be the kind of book I enjoy as much as admire. It’s hard to say how I feel but I can see why it’s so important. If I could be a tenth the writer Cormac McCarthy is, I’d be very happy! 😉

  6. Ooh I have been tagged. I enjoy meme’s. I will post a response. But, I am not good with downloading photos and my digital camera needs to be fixed so my meme will not include pictures. I hope you won’t mind.
    Stop by and check out my 5 things.

    I enjoyed getting a peek into your world.
    Hope you don’t find mine too boring

    CJ: Thanks, Maribeth! It was a fun meme to do and I liked giving people a peek into my world. I’ll pop across and have a look at yours in a minute. I’m sure it’ll be anything but boring. 😉

  7. You have an awesome room CJ. And so neat! :O I love the Egyptian statues, especially the chariot. The bookcase looks great. I always wanted a wooden bookcase. All I have is a metal one. It’s better than nothing though. My room looks like a dump in comparison to yours. There is stuff everywhere except where the stuff is supposed to be and my table is covered in sawdust.

    And thanks for the tag. I’ll do it in a few days. I just posted two days ago.

    CJ: Thanks, Bharat! My room’s not normally as neat as that; I cleaned up first and made sure everything was just the way I wanted it! I love the bookcase and statues; they’re different to what people expect and make people a little envious when they stop by. 🙂

    No rush with the tag. Just look forward to seeing it when you’re done. 😉

  8. It’s like Tom Hanks says in “You’ve Got Mail”, that once you say something, you’re going to invariably wish that you hadn’t. That’s the problem with comebacks; thoughts are our own but words belong to the universe. As one who seems to have no filter for combacks, I just cut back with witty or biting remarks (as the occasion calls for it), the knack just seems to be is to let it fly. Don’t think, just say.

    And your beloved momma tagged me for this meme, it’s somewhere recently on my blog. :p

    CJ: I love You’ve Got Mail! I must be about the only straight guy who can say that. 🙂 I remember that line in the film. It’s probably true, saying the right thing at the right time probably does have its negatives too. Still, I’d love to try it once. I’ll have to be more spontaneous; might be hard as I love to think. 😛

    And I enjoyed your meme. Just haven’t had a chance to comment yet; shall fix that later! It made me wonder why your computer is called Jamie. 🙂

  9. Cj, you are so cool. That’s all I have to say. No long things to say like everyone else lol.

    Cut Copy is amazing though. I’m very into them right now myself.

    Thanks for tagging me. Will totally give me something to do 🙂

    CJ: Finally, someone thinks I’m cool! I’ve been waiting to hear that for years. Thanks, Dya! 🙂 Ah so you’re a Cut Copy fan too. They’re really starting to get a lot of exposure now and we’re very proud of them as they’re Australian. They could end up bigger than SavageGarden.

    Thanks for taking part! I’ll pop across and comment in a minute. 😉

  10. I really enjoyed reading this post and looking at all your gorgeous things. You have great taste, and a beautiful blog. The tapestry and the bookcase are especially impressive.

    CJ: Hi FW, thanks for your kind words! I’m glad you liked the post; it took quite a while to finish. I love my bookcases and the tapestry; can’t wait to show them off in my own place soon. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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