Turn off your damn phone

No iPhones!

Dear Mr. Inconsiderate,

Remember me? I’m the young man who had the misfortune of sitting next to you on the bus the other day. Yes, the bearded guy with the big nose. So you do remember me. I’m glad because I definitely remember you.

Could you do me a favour? The next time someone sits next to you, do you think you could turn off your phone and spare them and the rest of the bus the details of your love life? I mean, seriously, when you weren’t deafening me and swearing like a maniac, you were busy reading your texts aloud. Can’t you be out of touch for 10 minutes? Will the world implode?

Don’t get offended. I’m sure you’re a lovely guy when you stop shouting. I just don’t see why, when I’ve been out for hours and had a rotten day, that I should have to listen to your conversation. It’s got nothing to do with me. And I don’t want to have to listen to you having phone sex with your partner either.

The truth is I like to keep to myself. I don’t mind it if people talk around me but can’t you give me a little privacy? Perhaps talk more quietly and turn towards the window? It was bad enough when everyone’s mobiles rang at once and sounded like an opera (Wagner’s Ride of the iPhones) but with you talking near my ear the whole time, I felt like I was eavesdropping and didn’t know what to do.

I just don’t see why it’s so hard to be out of contact for a few minutes. Is something so urgent that you have to speak to someone at that moment? Cnt ur txt w8? A long time ago we didn’t even have mobile phones; I know, I’m shocked too! I think it was back in the 18th century, just before Al Gore invented the Internet. What would you have done then? Read a book?

I’m saying this because I think it’s something you should know. Maybe you’re a loud talker; maybe you’re half-deaf. Maybe you’re just a pervert who enjoys having phone sex in public. Whatever. If you show a little courtesy, it’ll come back to you. So next time you’re on the bus, could you turn off your damn phone, or at least be more discrete? I know I’ll thank you and I’m sure the other passengers will too.

One last thing. You might want to lay off the aftershave. Just saying.

Insincerely yours,
CJ Writer.

* * * * *

So I might have gone a bit overboard. 🙂 Do mobile phones bother anyone else, though? I hate it when people use them on buses and trains; they always start shouting and seem oblivious. Can’t I have a little peace on the way home?

And then there are those sex moan ringtones. I heard one on the bus the other day; I guess it was a joke but there were kids on the bus. I wasn’t laughing. 😕

9 thoughts on “Turn off your damn phone

  1. hahahaha you sit next to a phone sex addict in the bus? 😀 i’d rather have stood up!

    i don’t much care about people talking on their phones in public transport… but then again, i’m a big nosy parker. :mrgreen: it’d be really irritating though if the same phone rings every few minutes. the only place i don’t care to hear of people’s conversation is at the movies!

    well, at least you got something to blog about after your miserable experience with phone sex exhibitionist. 😆

    CJ: Yes, unfortunately I did sit next to a phone sex addict! I prefer to sit if there are a lot of people but I should have stood up; it couldn’t have been much worse, eh? 😉

    I combined a few experiences in the post but they’re all true, unfortunately. I don’t mind eavesdropping… I just don’t like it on public transport. My mind is elsewhere, so I don’t like being disturbed. I take my iPod with me now to block it out, but even that doesn’t work all the time.

    I get so angry when people do that during movies! If they do that during Indiana Jones, I’m not responsible for my actions. I’d probably be kicked out, but it’d be worth it! At least I’d have something to blog about. Couldn’t be a much weirder post than this one. 8)

  2. Oh! My favorite is the person who stage whispers at the movie theater. “I can’t talk now! I’m at the movies!” And since they are attempting the whisper and the movie itself is loud, and it seems the other person can’t quite hear what they are saying… the silly person must proceed to repeat the darn sentiment at least 3 times with increasing volume. Because just NOT answering the phone and letting the person know in that manner that you are unavailable is simply unacceptable.

    One of the things that outrage me the most are those nasty ringtones. There are at least a dozen here that have some sort of sexual moaning or seriously deranged cussing. I do not find it appropriate AT ALL. I one time had my cell phone go off in a meeting. It was a love song, really sappy. That embarrassed me and I learned to quickly put my phone on vibrate when in public settings AND put a neutral ringtone. No one needs to know who is calling you. Seriously!

    CJ: That’s so annoying when it happens during a movie. You’ve got your drink, popcorn, the movie is about to start… and someone’s phone rings! Did they miss the signs? The only thing that’s worse is when they finally stop talking and ask the person next to them what they missed! That happened to me once; I almost dumped my drink over his head.

    We have a lot of those ringtones as well. They’re awful. What I don’t understand is why they’re so easy to purchase; they’re often advertised with other ringtones in family magazines, which is hardly appropriate. The worst experience I’ve had was when my mobile rang while I was at a writing group; we were in the middle of an exercise, so it was like the worst time. And I organised the meeting! I didn’t make that mistake again.

    I guess it could have been worse, though. It could have been the Crazy Frog ringtone. 🙂

  3. Eeooo!! Poor you! ‘Ride of the iPhones’ is pretty funny though! 😉
    I am with you on this one CJ, there’s nothing quite so annoying is there?
    S 🙂

    CJ: Simonne, you’re back! I’m going to have to change my RSS reader; I didn’t know you were posting again. Good to have you back. 🙂

    I might have given Apple an idea for their next iPod ad; who needs Feist’s song when you can have an iPod opera. 😉 Perhaps we need an annual No Mobiles Day; at least then we’d get one day’s peace a year!

  4. Oh, don’t start me on cell phones in the movies! I don’t like any kind of talking in the movies, and, at this point, people being who they are, I won’t even go until the film has been out for several weeks. Then, I try to go at a time when there won’t be a large audience. I pick a seat away from rows of friends sitting together, and if people sit too near me, I’ll move—that’s how persnickety I am about this. It is amazing to me how people will actually answer their phones in the middle of a movie or meeting and say “I can’t talk now.” As you say, why not just let the voicemail pick up the call, and they can ring later?
    I have not had the privilege of experiencing those moaning ringtones. I guess I just hang with the wrong (right) crowd? I would think they might be amusing to certain individuals for, maybe, three days, but wouldn’t they get old after a while? I haven’t taken buses for a some time, as I live out in suburbia here. Sometimes I’ve felt I’ve missed riding the bus, as I always found it such a slice of life in the city, but maybe I should count my blessings!

    CJ: I know what you mean, Muse. I’m always hushing people at the movies; as soon as someone starts talking, I glare at them or say something. Rarely works. 😕 I just don’t see why it’s so hard to turn off a phone in public. Unless you’re expecting an important call, there’s no reason to keep it on… and if you are expecting one, why are you watching a movie anyway?

    You might be lucky then if you haven’t had to use a bus! I can’t say I like them much. They were upgraded for the Olympics but aren’t in great condition now. It’s fun people-watching, though; you learn a lot about people by being on a bus or a train. Those ringtones drive me nuts. I heard one a year or so ago and then they seemed to disappear, so perhaps they do lose their novelty value. But they seem to be back now. 🙄

    I still remember the first time I saw a mobile phone. It was in The X-Files. I thought they were gimmicky and would never catch on. Boy was I wrong! 🙂

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  6. Got to your blog thru’ Blog Catalog. Hmmm…. sex moan ringtones? Personally, I haven’t heard that kind of ring tone… yet! There are all sorts of people everywhere and sometimes, it’s just our luck if we happened to bump into them. 🙁
    By the way, I read your last post that you like to do memes? I have one weekly meme running called Love Q which is mainly on relationship topics. Right now, all the participants are ladies and I sure love to hear a guy’s point of view. Anyway, that is if you are interested. 🙂

    CJ: Hi Aud, thanks for stopping by. 😉 I think you’re probably right. There are people everywhere and someone will always do something annoying or inconsiderate. My experiences on the bus weren’t pleasant but I’ve had worse… one of my teachers in high school turned out to be a drug dealer. And they say students are the problem. 🙄

    And I do like memes. I’d be interested in yours, particularly to provide a male perspective. I might not be able to do it every week but when a topic takes my interest, I’ll have a look. Love the poetry on your site too. 🙂

  7. as a reporter, my phone is critical to me. i hate the damn thing, its so so intrusive, sometimes i just want to drop it in the toilet…

    CJ: Yes, I can imagine a phone would be important when you need to keep on top of events like that. I don’t really hate phones, though, I just wish people would be more respectful in public. But people have been saying that since Walkman’s… nothing ever changes.

    I know how you feel! Dropping the phone in the toilet works but it doesn’t really let the frustration out… I recommend taking a hammer to it. Works for me. 🙂

  8. This post really made me smile. Not the fact that the man was having a romance via phone but the way you wrote it. Humor just might be your thing.
    Some people have no cooth and to broadcast your intimate details in front of strangers is a bit much. Although to them it may be exhilarating and the main reason they do it.
    Who knows?

    CJ: Thanks, Maribeth! Not everyone gets my humour, so I’m glad you liked it. I’d like to write some more humorous pieces. It’s just finding the right inspiration, especially for satire. The guy on the bus was a goldmine. 😉

    I’m guessing they were exhibitionists; broadcasting their relationship like that is appalling, so they must have found something about it exciting. I have no idea what… hopefully I never find out! 🙂 It was a wakeup call, though. I’m careful when I sit next to someone now. You never know who they are.

  9. I also find it more than just a bit annoying to be forced to listen to one-sided conversations of others. I find it to be very rude, but then this is America and we have the freedom to be rude aka freedom of speech. I did enjoy reading your post. You have a nice flair to your writing. I would like to invite you to check out Slice of Life Sunday (although you are welcome to write about any of the posts at any time -no hard & fast rules here!) which is one of my blogs that features creative writing on real life events. http://sliceoflifesunday.wordpress.com Hope to see you soon! Cricket

    CJ: Hi Cricket, you’re right, it’s incredibly annoying, isn’t it? If they’re going to force us to listen then at the very least they should put it on loud speaker so we can all hear! One-sided conversations are so inconsiderate. 😉

    Overall I can’t see anything changing unless people realise that what they do has an impact on other people. I can’t imagine most people would want me to intrude on them, so why should the reverse be any different? But it’s free speech in Australia too, so it won’t change. Maybe the government should give us earplugs instead.

    And thank you for the compliment about my writing. I liked your blog too and I’d be very interested in your writing meme. I might not be able to do it all the time as I’m a very slow writer but I’d love to give it a try at some stage. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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