Coogee Memorial

Blue ocean
Holds my heart and tears
Reminds me of you
So far away

Today is the ninth anniversary of the 2002 Bali Bombings. The bombings killed 202 people, including 88 Australians, and Bali is often considered our version of September 11, the moment when our part of the world changed forever.

Many of those killed and injured in the attacks came from Coogee, very near where we live in Randwick, and this memorial was erected in 2003 as a place of remembrance and reflection. It’s a beautiful, quiet spot overlooking the ocean and I often find myself spending time there when I’m in Coogee… I can’t think of a better tribute to their memory. I actually took this photo a few months ago, the day after Osama bin Laden died, and I thought I’d save it to post today.

In many ways it’s hard to believe it’s only been nine years since the bombings as so much has happened since. But even with Amrozi gone & so much time passed, it’s amazing how quickly the memories come back. I still remember that day so well… hearing about it on the news, seeing the fires burning, reading the names of the dead and missing in the local paper. Those memories will be with me for the rest of my life.

When I think about Bali I’m mostly filled with sadness now; for the suffering that was caused; for how the world has changed. But most often I find myself thinking of this memorial and what it represents, a place of peace and reflection, and I find myself hoping that one day, perhaps, the whole world might be as peaceful… that would be the true memorial.

Photo and haiku © CJ Levinson 2011

Update: I wrote this poem as well for the fifth anniversary. I thought I’d share it again in case anyone would like to read it.

5 thoughts on “Coogee Memorial

  1. What a powerful monument (and photo) to remember the Bali Bombings. it is truly tragic that we live in a time that has been so changed by single events. Thanks for sharing this and remembering the victims.

    1. Thank you. It’s a beautiful monument… there’s still a lot of painful emotion around the Bali attacks, even after 9 years, but I think memorials like this help people to reflect and move on. I’m glad I could show it in a way that does it justice.
      Thanks for your lovely comment, and for stopping by. 😉

  2. Hi I just ran into your blog. Great pictures!! It’s sad about the Bali bombings, did you lose somebody close there?

    Take care

    1. Hi AH, thanks for your lovely comment. I’m glad you like my photos. I can be a bit of a perfectionist about my work sometimes but I really like this one too… with the haiku, I feel like it captures the scene and what I was feeling perfectly.

      I’m lucky in that I didn’t know anyone directly affected by the bombings but as part of the community, we all felt it in various ways. So many of the victims were young and that has always stuck in my mind as well; that I didn’t know them but they could easily have been my friends, my classmates… hopefully all of the victims and their families have begun to find peace.

      Thanks again for stopping by and for your kind words. Do you have a blog at all, btw? I clicked the link in your username but it doesn’t seem to be working. Would love to check it out if you do…

      Take care and many blessings. 😉

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