Old Cairo

Red Sunrise

See the soldiers on the warpath
See the people fall like stones
See the leaders stand in silence
See the bodies and broken bones

Hear the daily call to prayer
Hear the crowds’ angry cries
Hear the bullets roar like thunder
Hear the stories and bloody lies

We read about it in the papers
We see it on our screens
We watch it from a distance
We turn away from the screams

They’re bleeding in the streets
They’re dying all alone
They’re calling out to God
But they’re all on their own

Now the streets are quiet
Now they mourn the dead
Now the world holds its breath
Now the flames are refed

Soon the bodies are falling
Soon there is only pain
Soon another child is orphaned
Soon it starts all over again

How long will it go on?
How long will the tears flow?
How long will we sit in silence?
How long will we watch the show?

America sits in judgment
Israel reaps what it sows
There’s no oil to plunder
Just death in Old Cairo

I wrote this after watching scenes of the violent crackdown in Egypt. I was becoming increasingly annoyed with the media coverage and the attitudes of the leaders around the world and felt like I needed to give voice to what I was feeling.

The photo is a shot I took last week of the sun rising over the ocean. I thought it suited this quite well.

Photo: Red Sunrise © CJ Levinson 2013
Text licenced under Creative Commons

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