Birthday Moon

Sunset 19/9/2013

A full moon rises
Bringing an end
To another year:
Life goes on

Full Moon 19/9/2013

I turned 29 yesterday. Had a nice day and just as the sun was setting, the moon appeared over the ocean and I managed to get these shots before the light disappeared. Came out really well.

It’s been a long year but seeing the sun set and the moon rise, I felt very peaceful, like I was starting to be able to put the year and all of the difficulties that have come with it behind me. Here’s hoping the next one brings better things.

Photos and haiqua © CJ Levinson 2013

5 thoughts on “Birthday Moon

  1. Happy birthday! I love the pictures – the detail on the moon is stunning. What kind of camera/lens did you use? I’ve been trying all summer to get a shot like this with my Nikon and I haven’t done it yet.

    1. Thanks Kay! 🙂 I’m really happy with these… the moon was just amazing.

      I use a Canon 6D and I took these with a Tamron 70-300 lens. They usually work quite well for me. Which Nikon do you use?

      I generally take sunsets by focusing on a large cloud rather than on the horizon, that way the sky will expose properly and the colours look right. I often take a burst of three or four photos as well, just in case one doesn’t take properly. For the moon I underexpose slightly to bring out the detail and I usually have to crop as well. It’s tricky but looks great when you get it just right. 😉

      1. I’ve got a Nikon D3200 and a 55-300 lens. I’d gotten away from doing night photography, but then I got this camera and decided to try it again. I’d never shot the moon before (and I’d forgotten a few other things), and I ended up frustrated. Trying to find something in a book when you’re in a hurry never seems to work out well.

        Thank you for the tips – I’ll keep all that in mind next time I’m out with my camera! 🙂

      2. Sorry Kay, only just saw this. Shooting the moon is great fun but yeah, can definitely be frustrating, particularly when it’s not quite working. Hope the tips help and guess it’s mostly trial and error really. This link has some good tips too which might help if you want to have a look at some stage:

        Happy shooting. The D3200’s a great camera, so I’m sure you’ll get some really good shots! 😉

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