Belmont Wharf in Black and White

Belmont Wharf

Dark skies hang
Over the ocean;
I dream of home
And a warm embrace

Looking across a very wet and cold Belmont wharf yesterday afternoon.

It was a miserable day yesterday and I had a medical appointment in Belmont, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have gone out in the rain. But I did anyway – only to walk straight into a tree, which broke my umbrella and my pride, and I ended up getting¬†thoroughly soaked.

As I was wet anyway I decided to brave the wharf to take a few photos. I only had my little Olympus E-P3 with me which isn’t waterproof but luckily I managed to kept it relatively dry.

I was going for an old-fashioned, grainy black and white look with the photos. Think they came out pretty well in the end.

Photos and haiqua © CJ Levinson 2014

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