Dusk on the Lake

Dusk on the Lake

I was in Belmont for a few days last week and went for a nice walk along the lake a couple of evenings ago. The sun had almost finished setting and there was a beautiful dusk light that was perfect for photos.

I was deliberately trying to play with silhouettes and patterns with the photos. My goal was to try and keep them as minimalist as possible and let mother nature speak for herself.

Dusk on the Lake

Dusk on the lake

Dusk on the Lake

A hungry pelicanDusk on the Lake

Colourful reflections, dark silhouettesDusk on the Lake

Alone on the water

Dusk on the Lake

Seagulls near the shore

Dusk on the Lake

Water lapping over the rocks

Dusk on the Lake

Blue waters

Dusk on the Lake

Rocks near the shore

Dusk on the Lake

The dying light

Dusk on the Lake

Water, waves and metal

Dusk on the Lake

Through the bars

Photos © CJ Levinson 2015


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