Hello Spidey

Life is short;
You must spin
A web of wonder
For the whole world to see

This guest was waiting for me when I arrived home the other day. It had made a web for itself near my washing line. Glad I didn’t walk into it.

It’s an Argiope keyserlingi, or a St Andrew’s Cross spider. They’re known for the distinctive decorations on their webs, usually a zig-zag pattern forming an X in the middle of the web.

The pattern, or stabilimentum, is thought to be a warning to birds and similar predators to stay away. It also attracts insects as it reflects ultra-violet light.

It’s one of the prettier spiders I’ve seen. And its bite is mostly harmless and non toxic to humans too which is good to know.


Photos and haiqua © CJ Levinson 2015

2 thoughts on “Hello Spidey

    1. Thanks! I’m happy with it too. The colours cane out really well.

      I don’t like spiders much either… I freaked when I saw this one until I worked out what it was. Unless they want to turn me into a superhero I’m more than happy for spiders to leave me alone. 😉

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