Star Wars: Episode X – The Dark Side Rises

Just a bit of fun to go with all The Force Awakens hype this week. I know people are starting to think about Episode VIII now but I thought I’d turn my attention further ahead, to the next trilogy. And I think I already know who the villain might be…

(Warning: there are a couple of mild spoilers for The Force Awakens in the video if you haven’t seen it yet).

Apologies for the audio by the way. I used the creator to make this but for some reason the share/export isn’t working so I did a screen capture instead. It made the audio a little tinny.

What did you think of The Force Awakens? I’m going to do a post after Christmas touching on it and nostalgia in general but basically I enjoyed it. I liked it but didn’t love it I guess – I thought it felt too familiar and nostalgic at times. It sets up Episodes VIII and IX well though and hopefully they will be more original.

2 thoughts on “Star Wars: Episode X – The Dark Side Rises

  1. Marcus and I both liked Episode VII. We especially liked seeing a strong female lead. Rey has captured my imagination. I think her journey as a Jedi will be thrilling to watch.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Patty! I really liked Rey too and it’s great to have such a strong a female lead for the trilogy… be very interesting to see where her story goes. Now the wait begins. 😉

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