A Heart That Loves Is Always Young

Love Kanji

When in doubt
Trust your heart:
It may break
But it will never lead you wrong

I’ve been in a bit of a rut with my photography lately. It might be the festive season or maybe the wet weather we’ve had but I haven’t taken many photos lately. So last night I thought I’d brush off the cobwebs and try some macro.

I enjoy macro. I don’t do a lot of it but I love the idea of taking an object and looking at it in a completely different way and it’s something I often turn to when I feel in a bit of a rut.

For these photos my subject was an affirmation plaque I’ve owned for a couple of years. It’s actually part of a set (the other is a ‘harmony’ plaque that I might do another time as well) that I bought when I first moved to Newcastle, so it has a lot of personal meaning to me as well.

I love the sentiment and and the plaque has a plastery surface that has a lot of very interesting lines and textures that are perfect for macro. I love the detail the shots were able to capture and how different the plaque looks close up, and yet how parts of it still feel familiar as well.

I’ll have to do some more macro. I really enjoyed this. Wonder what other things I can find around the place? 😉

A Heart That Loves Is Always Young

A heart that loves is always young

Love Kanji 1

Close up of the kanjiLove Kanji 2

At the crossroads

Twisted question mark
Texture 1

From the heart


Textured kanjiLove Kanji 4

Mouth wide open

Love Kanji 5

Triangle and shadow

Texture 2

Lines in plasterLove Kanji 6

A narrow channelLove

Love is…?

Love Kanji 7

Ruins in sand
Love Kanji 8

X marks the spotTexture 3

Rough textures

Love Kanji 9

Light and dark

Love Kanji 10

Curves and linesKanji

Love kanji

Photos and haiqua © CJ Levinson 2016

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