The Truth About Love

Footprints in the Sand

It’s half three
In the morning
And I find myself
Thinking of you

Lying here
I cannot help but wonder
If you still
Think of me too

Did you know that
I would have
Followed you anywhere
You asked me to?

I would have gone
Through Hell’s gates
If it would have
Brought me closer to you

But now
So much has changed
And this is one place
I cannot follow too

How I wish
I could hear your voice
Because I am lonely
And miss you

But what would I say
When it still hurts
And there is nothing
I can do?

I wasn’t looking
For love,
Never thought I would find
Someone like you

But that is love
And when it comes along
There is nothing
You can do

You made me
Feel special
Like I could do anything
I wanted to

I felt safe
And warm in your arms
And I knew
That you wanted me too

Now I feel
Lonely and cold;
It is over
And I could not reach you

We hurt each other
And you pulled away
And just like that,
We were through

And I know
That I must be strong
And find a way
To live without you

And I know
Life will go on
But in my heart
I will always love you

For you
Are my heart and soul
And whatever comes
That will always be true

So if
You ever think of me
Please think kindly
As I will of you

And if
You ever speak of me
Please remember
What I meant to you

And please
Have no regrets;
One day everything ends,
Even love too

What matters
Is everything we shared
And the joy
We held on to

And I do not know
If one day
I will ever find
Another you

I loved you
With all of my heart
And I am sorry
It all fell through

But the truth about love
Is it may not last;
Is all we can do

And so
If this is goodbye
Then I wish you well
And happiness too

May you have
A wonderful life
And find someone
To share it with you

And please
Do not worry for me
I will be fine
And find my way through

One day
I will love again;
I am just sorry
It will not be you

I wrote this poem over a few night this week. It was good being able to let it out and I wanted the poem to be reflective rather than sad, which I think comes across.

Originally it wasn’t meant to be a series of haiqua but eventually it took that shape structurally as it seemed to give the poem the simple, lyrical flow I wanted it to have.

I took the photo during the trip to New Zealand last year. It was one of my favourites from the trip.

Photo: Footprints in the Sand © CJ Levinson 2015
Poem licenced under Creative Commons

8 thoughts on “The Truth About Love

    1. Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked it and the photo. Poetry is often my way of exploring what I’m feeling and writing this was quite cathartic for me. I hope people can see a bit of their own stories in it too.

  1. My first “true love” was like that. I still think of him at times, even though I know it never would have worked out between us and even though I know the man I eventually married is absolutely the right one for me. You did a good job with both the poem and the photo.

    1. Thank you CM. It felt good writing it… I must have needed to let a lot out. I really like the photo too… it’s probably one of the best I’ve taken, although it feels a bit bittersweet now.

      Hopefully I will find that person one day… I’ve never really felt like I need to be with someone so if it doesn’t happen, I’ll be okay too, but it would be nice to have someone to share life with.

      I’ll probably always think of her too… we were together 2 and a half years and were engaged so she’ll always mean a lot to me. I wish her well. In the end life goes on.

      1. If you are meant to find someone, you will – and probably when you’re not even looking. I know. I met my current husband after I returned home from leaving my abusive first husband. We just happened to work at the same place at the same time (it was just a summer job for him, as he was starting graduate school in the fall). He was here all along. Had I not been living in another city, perhaps we would have met sooner. Who knows?

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