Along the Lakefront

Belmont Lakefront

Along the lakefront
All is calm
As the sun sets
On another day

I took this shot earlier this week while going for a walk by the lakefront in Belmont. The sun was setting and the light reflecting off the water gave the scene an almost dreamlike quality which came across well in the final photo.

Looking at the photo it reminds me a little of a painting which actually wasn’t the effect I was initially going for or realised I had captured. I like it though and I didn’t do much editing to the photo either – it really was that beautiful and dreamlike.

Sometimes I deliberately edit my photos to make them closer to a painting but it’s always a complicated process and never looks quite as natural, more like digital art. It was nice capturing that look in camera this time and it feels authentic.

Which just goes to show there’s no substitute for capturing something in camera. And for how amazing Mother Nature’s natural beauty can be.

Photo and haiqua © CJ Levinson 2016
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