Tai Chi by the Lake

It was a lovely day today and I went for a walk along the lakefront this afternoon to take a few photos of the sun setting over the water.

While there I spotted this man practicing Tai Chi. He was very graceful and a lot of people stopped to watch him as they passed by.

I watched him for a while too before snapping a couple of photos. It’s not something you often see around Belmont so it was interesting to shoot.

I like how the photos came out, particularly the black and white one. I was trying to capture some of the energy and grace of his movements and I think they convey that quite well.

Photos © CJ Levinson 2016

4 thoughts on “Tai Chi by the Lake

    1. Hi Dean, thanks! Yes I’ve thought of doing that and would like to do it more. I was just trying to document the scene with this but I’ve been thinking of doing some random street portraits so that might be a good chance to talk to people. Think it’d be interesting and fun! 😀

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