Sunset 28/08/2021

Stunning sunset this evening. We’ve had a few beautiful sunsets this week – feels like Mother Nature’s putting on a show for us while we’re in lockdown!

Photos © CJ Levinson 2021

Along the Foreshore

Went for a walk along the Swansea foreshore yesterday afternoon and was treated to this beautiful sunset. With the escalating situation in NSW at the moment, it was nice to be out amongst nature for a little while and remind myself that, no matter how bad things feel, the world keeps on going.

Photos © CJ Levinson 2021

Swansea Sunset

From a quick walk along the Swansea lakefront earlier. This was my hour’s exercise for the day and I thought I’d take my camera with me for the sunset. I was still able to keep my distance from people and being able to take a few pictures definitely helped my mood. Photography is a bit like therapy for me that way.

Hope everyone in lockdown is doing okay.

Photos © CJ Levinson 2021

Super Moon 26/05/2021

Went to Nobbys to catch the super moon last night. It was spectacular but very tricky to photograph. Had a lot of fun though and I’m happy with how the shots turned out.

Photos © CJ Levinson 2021

Sunset at the Memorial Walk

The photogroup I run went for a shoot at the Memorial Walk in Newcastle on Sunday. We were hoping we’d get a nice sunset and it didn’t disappoint! The sky lit up with amazing colours and the light just kept going and going.

I was very happy with all the shots I got but I particularly like the top one. It’s quite simple and just lets the natural beauty of the scene speak for itself. Definitely one of my favourite shots of the year so far.

Photos © CJ Levinson 2021