Australians All Love Ostriches

I had another post planned for today but I couldn’t let the WordPress upgrade go by without saying something. I’m a little confused. I don’t hate it but I wish they’d given us some warning. It caught me by surprise and I spent about two hours having to fix my widgets after everything disappeared and then getting used to the interface; if I’d known I’d have copied everything first to be safe.

I’m torn on the upgrade. I like the new features; the gallery and being able to upload several images at once is a big improvement and I’m warming to the layout. The main reason I’m confused is I don’t see why it was necessary to do the upgrade so quickly. Most users aren’t going to know how to use the new features right away; a gradual introduction (like the way themes are added) would have been more successful, in my opinion, and allowed people to adjust.

The main thing I don’t like is that the edit comment link has disappeared from the dashboard; you have to click on the avatar every time to edit it and that’s a pain. Also the font is smaller but overall I don’t mind the new version… I just wish they’d waited a bit longer and ironed out some of these problems first. And the blog surfer.

I spent so long looking at the new features and fixing problems that I haven’t had time to finish the post I’d planned. So I thought I’d post some of the strange search terms from my blog instead. I call them Googleages after Alynda’s old posts and some are bizarre (and not just the grammar). Kind of like my blog, don’t you think? 😉

One of my favourites is this one: sulz define. I don’t know how we could possibly define sulz… she’s funny, interesting, talented… sulz is sulz. It’s just weird that the search ended up on my blog instead of sulz’s. Wouldn’t you go to the blog which actually has sulz in the title? Or maybe that’s just me.

Let me know if you have any favourites. 🙂

  • unique ideas for a million dollars
    Ah but if I told you then it wouldn’t be unique now, would it?

  • australians all love ostriches
    A line in our national anthem is often misheard as “Australians all love ostriches”. It’s true, though, we do love ostriches… perhaps too much…

  • new job new sleep pattern no need for al
    OMG! You’re going to kill Al! Why?

  • two words that don’t make sense together
    Actual reenactment. Think about it; there’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one. Insane logic and pretty ugly. Recorded live‘s another one.

  • cj is special in a bad way
    Finally, someone who gets me! Deep down I make Voldemort look like a muppet.

  • i want to hold you until i die
    But we only just met. Can’t we have more time?

  • i waste too much time dreaming of you
    I told you, I need more time… it’s not you, it’s me…

  • you occupy my thoughts, dreams and hopes
    Stop pressuring me! Look, the truth is, there’s someone else… Keri. She’s an ostrich.

  • more sleep helps you get longer fingers?
    No idea what post that search must have turned up. I assume it’s not true… if it is I really need to get rid of this insomnia.

  • youre only afraid of death when you real
    I have no idea what that means. You’re not afraid of death if you’re a ghost?

  • cj is gone forever
    No, I’m still here. See?

  • drink myself to happiness poetry
    I don’t know what’s more disturbing – the drinking to happiness bit or the idea that my poetry might drive someone to drink!

  • Is it cut the muster or cut the mustard?
    Cut the mustard, obviously. They mixed it up with to pass muster which is similar. I just liked it that they started with a capital.

  • we make smiles happen
    You’ve been hanging out with the poetry guy, haven’t you?

  • shia labeouf’s penis
    I have no idea where that came from. I mentioned Shia LaBeouf once about Indy 4 and suddenly I’m running a porn blog! 😉

When did I become an authority on Anthony Mundine?

I’ve been inspired. I’ve been keeping an eye on Alynda’s and Simonne’s blogs over the last couple of weeks, and recently they’ve both been studying the search terms that have brought people to their blogs. Alynda calls it “Google-age” and I’m going to steal that term as I love it so much. They’ve both had some unusual and funny googleages, so I thought I’d go and have a look at some of the ones that have brought readers here as well.

It’s kind of left me scratching my head. Apparently I’ve become an authority on Anthony Mundine without knowing it. In the last week I’ve had these googleage variants: “anthony mundine” “platinum ryder anthony mundine lyrics” “Anthony Mundine culture” “anthony mundine music” “platinum ryder lyrics anthony mundine”. There were others as well the week before, so it’s been a steady stream – but I’ve only ever written one article on Anthony Mundine. You can find it here and most of the terms don’t even relate to it.

It’s strange because I don’t have a strong opinion of Mundine. I don’t like his behaviour and the way he’s mouthed off against opponents and authority much, but he’s a big donor to various charities and he won the respect of Steve Waugh, who doesn’t give it away lightly. I respect that side of him. It was one post and I didn’t even tag it properly, so it’s not something you’d expect to find its way to the top parts of the searches… and yet it has. Strange.

So there it is, I’ve become something of an authority on Anthony Mundine; just what I always wanted. 😉 Apart from that, there were a couple of others I thought I’d mention, worth a laugh.

write to someone going through rehab
lindsay lohan and reaction to allegation

Why would you want to write to Lindsay Lohan? Wait a few weeks and you can visit Nicole Richie in jail! Who knows, you might even be able to get her to eat something for once…

tennis is boring
Would I say tennis is boring? I, the world’s biggest fan of Roger Federer? No. I said there was a danger Federer was making tennis boring (this was before Nadal)… I guess that was enough.

attitude of t.a. barron regarding merlin
I thought The Lost Years of Merlin was a good book for kids who liked Harry Potter… no idea where the attitude bit came from. But what’s going on, doesn’t anyone use capitals anymore?

darren hayes david prowse
These weren’t even related posts, but somehow they came up in the search terms together. Maybe something to do with Darren Hayes being a Star Wars fan?

greg bear quantico plot spoiler
It’s a review – if you don’t want spoilers, mate, don’t read it.

“a piece of his own heart” harry potter
This could be a song. “And – he – gave – her a piece of his own heart, yeah, yeah, a piece of his own heart – so that they never would part – a piece of his own heart”

Ah, where would we be without Google? 🙂