On this page you’ll find a list of my current works and a collection of some of my earliest stories. My writing’s come a long way since I wrote these stories; I was 15 when I wrote A Glimpse of the Future and still a teenager when I wrote most of the others.

Looking at them now, there’s a lot I’d change and a part of me feels a little embarrassed by my early stories. But despite that, I think some of the ideas are still good and if you’d like to read some of my work, this is probably a good place to start. They show how far I’ve come since but also offer a glimpse of how it all began. I hope you enjoy them. ~ CJ.

  • A Glimpse of the Future (1999)
    The first story I published in 2000. Follows a day in the life of James Blake, showing how the future might be 150 years from now. I was 15 when I wrote it.
  • The Religion of Death (2001)
    Executioner David Reynolds travels to the colony world of Flint to perform a mercy slaying, but soon finds himself in the midst of a crisis that could lead to the slaughter of an alien race.
  • The Life Artist (2003)
    Life Artists create vivid portraits of a person by gaining insights into their life. But the process is taxing and Daniel Ryan’s latest portrait risks destroying everything he stands for.
  • Monica Davis (2003)
    Monica Davis can swap bodies with any person; for a fee she endures any pain while her clients continue with their lives. But when a client abuses her body, Monica must find a new way to live.
  • The Fountain’s Reflection (2003)
    Three childhood friends, soon to be separated by university and the beginnings of new lives, dare each other to go on one last adventure. But they are not prepared for what they will find…
  • The Prophet (2004)
    In an alternate history Aaliyah, an Egyptian princess, travels to Rome to marry the brother of the Emperor. There she finds a man who tells her things that cannot possibly be true…

  • The Last Giant 
    A modern day fairy-tale. A terror attack leads Kevin and his sister Natalie to seek shelter in a nearby house, where they find a man who has been hiding from the world for 40 years – the last giant.
  • Sleepless 
    A man wakes from a coma after eight years and discovers that he has a son. As he undergoes rehabilitation and forms a relationship with his son, he learns to adapt to his new world.
  • Hallow’den (The Forgotten Kingdom #1)
    My first novel, a modern fable about extremism and the cost of war, set on an alternate Earth where science and magic are the same.

2 thoughts on “Fiction

  1. I read your story THE PROPHET. I know you wrote it some time ago. What a creative reimagining of history you have here. The ending is tragic, ironic, and hopeful. There seems to be no escaping that modern Hebrew religion. Original and insightful.

  2. Thanks Muse; I’m glad you enjoyed it. I like the idea of taking a piece of history and shifting it to see what would be different; it’s something I do a lot in my fiction.

    I base a lot of my work around religious themes, and even though that’s not necessarily what I believe, it’s interesting territory to explore. My writing’s come a long way since The Prophet, but I still like it… one day I might come back and expand on some of the themes.

    I think even in times of darkness, there is some light if you know where to look. That’s what the ending represents for me. Some people thought it was too dark, but I’m glad you found it hopeful. And thanks for your feedback. 🙂

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