When Jake Morgan survives a car crash his family thinks it’s a miracle, only to watch as Jake lies motionless in a coma for the next twelve years. Out of desperation they agree to an experimental treatment and against all odds, Jake begins to emerge from the coma.

But the world he finds himself in has changed dramatically. It’s a world with iPods and YouTube; a world where twin towers fall and threats lurk in the shadows… a world in which his wife has remarried and he has a son he knows nothing about.

As Jake begins rehabilitation, he forms a relationship with his son and begins to adapt to his new environment. But is Jake still the same man he was before?

Sleepless is a micronovel and is as much an experiment as anything else. Im writing it specifically for Twitter and Facebook, to try and push the boundaries of storytelling online. Originally I planned for it to be an ordinary novel but the idea of trying something new is exciting and I wanted to try something very different from anything I’d written before.

The idea for Sleepless came to me when I started to experience insomnia. I began to wonder what it would be like for someone to wake up after eight years, to know nothing about 9/11 or our new technology. What would we make of our world?

You can read more about the origin of the story in this post and more about the micronovel here.

Sleepless should be finished in 2010. You can follow the updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Update (April 2011): I’ve had problems writing Sleepless and my novel at the same time, so I’m currently taking a break from Sleepless and plan to start again in June. I’ll be starting  the story again from scratch, so now’s a good time to follow along if you’re new to the story! Happy reading. 😉

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