The Last Giant

The Last Giant (2012)

A modern day fairy-tale. A terror attack leads Kevin and his sister Natalie to seek shelter in a nearby house, where they find a man who has been hiding from the world for 40 years – the last giant.

As the giant befriends them, Kevin and Natalie begin to learn about a strange and magical world. But as the attacks continue, the community begins to turn against itself, leading to a violent confrontation which Kevin and Natalie are powerless to stop.

The Last Giant is an idea I’ve been developing for several years now. As a child I loved fairy-tales and I’ve always been interested by the idea of writing my own. It’s also a social commentary about the terror age and the way fear changes people. I talk more about the genesis of the story in this post.

It should be finished sometime in 2012.

2 thoughts on “The Last Giant

  1. I clicked on this to read the story, but it’s not here. Then I saw where you mentioned that it’s a work progress. It sounds really interesting. – W

  2. Thanks, Wendy. I probably should have made that clearer, so I’m sorry for the confusion.

    I’m glad you like the idea, though; it’ll be a while before I can write it but it’s an idea I’m very passionate about.

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