Waverley Cemetery

Waverley Cemetery
Looking across Waverley Cemetery, near sunset.

Blue Motorcycle

Blue Motorcycle
A blue motorcycle standing against a rundown garage.

Mossy Rocks

Mossy Rocks
Moss covering a cluster of rocks near Bondi Beach.

CBD at Dusk

The CBD at Dusk
Looking across Queen’s Park to the Sydney CBD at dusk.

Lake in Centennial Park

Lake in Centennial Park
Looking across a lake in Centennial Park.


The Roundabout
Roundabout in Centennial Park.

Centrepoint from the Botanic Gardens

Towards Centrepoint
Centrepoint Tower from the Botanic Gardens

Randwick Memorial

Lest We Forget
Randwick War Memorial. Remembrance Day 2012.

The Clouds Gather

The Clouds Gather
Clouds gather over the MCG.

Photos © CJ Levinson 2006-2012. Please contact me before reusing them.

9 thoughts on “Photos

    1. Hi Amanda! Thanks, I’m so glad you liked them. I’m still learning too but I feel like my photography is gradually improving… just have to keep taking pictures, I guess.

      The photography bug’s hard to shake once it’s got hold of you, isn’t it? I think having fun’s the main thing… if you just enjoy getting out there and shooting, then your photos will reflect it. The lens sees both ways.

      Do you post much of your photography at all? I love reading your poetry but don’t think I’ve seen many of your photos on your site. Would love to have a look. 🙂

    1. Thanks. Some really lovely photos. I just followed you. 😉

      Have you tried SmugMug at all? It’s reasonably priced and a lot of photographers like it. I mostly use Flickr myself as all of my contacts are there. Google+ seems quite popular with photographers as well if you’ve tried that?

      Have fun shooting! 🙂

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