Podcast of the Week: At The Movies

Podcast of the Week (25/9/07)
At The Movies

At The Movies with Sandra Bahbah features the latest movie reviews and the top 5 in box office each week. Distributed through freedigitalcontent.com, it takes a fun and distinctly Australian look at what’s on in cinemas right now.

One of the best features of At The Movies is its length; with each episode being around 4 minutes and featuring one review, it’s perfect to listen to when you’re on your way to work or have a few spare minutes. Sandra Bahbah’s reviews don’t suffer for the length, though; they’re detailed and informative, without spoiling the best parts of the movie. Bahbah also has a good voice for podcasting; it’s pleasant and her tone doesn’t jar, unlike others.

One thing I’d love to see are more reviews of smaller films, but with one review a week it’s understandable that bigger releases are featured first. At The Movies is a fun and informative podcast; definitely recommended for Australian movie lovers and anyone looking for a different perspective on the latest films. You can subscribe through iTunes or listen to the stream at freedigitalcontent.com.