Full Moon Over Nobbys

The full moon rising over Nobbys a couple of weeks ago. I shot this from Stockton Beach; it ended up being a bit of a mad dash as I was running late and thought I was going to miss the moonrise entirely for a while, luckily I had just enough time to make it over to near the breakwall to take the shot. Really happy with how it turned out in the end.

Photo © CJ Levinson 2022

Pale Moon

pale moon

Standing on the moon
With nothing left to do
A lovely view of heaven
But I’d rather be with you
~ The Grateful Dead

Beautiful moon tonight. I took this handheld and it came out quite well overall.

I love looking at the moon. Hopefully the weather will let us get a good look at the blood moon on Saturday morning.

Photo © CJ Levinson 2018

Birthday Moon

Sunset 19/9/2013

A full moon rises
Bringing an end
To another year:
Life goes on

Full Moon 19/9/2013

I turned 29 yesterday. Had a nice day and just as the sun was setting, the moon appeared over the ocean and I managed to get these shots before the light disappeared. Came out really well.

It’s been a long year but seeing the sun set and the moon rise, I felt very peaceful, like I was starting to be able to put the year and all of the difficulties that have come with it behind me. Here’s hoping the next one brings better things.

Photos and haiqua © CJ Levinson 2013