Macro Fun

Some macro fun from around the house. I set myself the idea of shooting at least one photo a day for seven days to keep busy while in lockdown. Happy with how they turned out.

Photos © CJ Levinson 2021

Photo Challenge – Green Theme

My photography group is doing some weekly home photo challenges as we can’t go on our photowalks at the moment. This week’s theme was the colour green. I used a macro lens to take these around the house. It was a lot of fun.

If you’d like to do some of the challenges too, feel free to sign up. The group’s open to everyone, you don’t have to be a local to do the challenges.

Photos © CJ Levinson 2020

Harlequin Bug

I found a little beetle; so that Beetle was his name,
And I called him Alexander and he answered just the same.

~ Forgiven by A A Milne

A harlequin bug (Tectocoris diophthalmus) on the outside of our house. I grabbed my camera and macro lens when I saw it and took a few quick shots, this one came out well. Nice and sharp.

It’s very pretty, gorgeous colours. Looking at it reminded me of the poem Forgiven by AA Milne which I used to love as a child.

Photo © CJ Levinson 2019