Sunset 10/09/2013

Sunset 10/09/2013

An orange sun
Sets over the ocean
While fires rage
Far away

Sunset 10/09/2013

The sun setting over the ocean this evening. It was very hot today and awful fires have sprung up around western Sydney and in parts of NSW, although thankfully nowhere near us at present. Hope I’m wrong but can’t help but think we’re going to be in for a horror summer if it’s already this bad two weeks into spring.

Sunset 10/09/2013
Photos and haiqua © CJ Levinson 2013

Tanker in Black & White

Tanker in Black & White

A tanker waits
On the ocean
While the wind blows
And the eagles soar

A tanker on the ocean this afternoon. I was trying to create a kind of film-like look in editing it; I used to love shooting with film when I was younger and much as I love digital photography, it often doesn’t have quite the same feel. Fairly happy with how this came out in the end; it’s not the same as film but does reminds me a little of some of the Fuji and Kodak films I used to shoot with. Happy memories.

Photo and haiqua © CJ Levinson 2013