• A Glimpse of the Future (1999)
    The first story I published. It follows a day in the life of James Blake, showing how the future might be 150 years from now. I was 15 when I wrote it.
  • The Life Artist (2003)
    Life Artists create portraits of a person by gaining insights into their life. But Daniel Ryan’s latest portrait risks destroying everything he stands for.
  • Monica Davis (2003)
    Monica Davis can swap bodies with any person; for a fee she endures any pain while her clients continue with their lives. But when a client abuses her body, Monica must find a new way to live.
  • The Prophet (2004)
    In an alternate history Aaliyah, an Egyptian princess, travels to Rome to marry the brother of the Emperor. There she finds a man who tells her things that cannot possibly be true…


All poems licenced under a Creative Commons Licence